New York Weather History: Weather Conditions During NYC's Gay Pride Parades
Today in New York Weather History: June 26

Today in New York Weather History: June 25


1994 (Saturday)

Tropical conditions through mid-afternoon made the high of 88° feel like the mid-90s.  Today was my brother's wedding out in northern New Jersey, and I was his best man, so wearing a tux in this weather was a bit uncomfortable to say the least.  And the bridesmaids arrived at the church somewhat wilted because the air conditioning in their limo didn't work.  Happily, drier air moved in just as the outdoor reception was getting underway.



1995 (Sunday)

The 0.08" of rain that fell in the wee hours of the morning was the first measurable rain on this date in 11 years.

1998 (Thursday)

The year's first reading in the 90s was today, four days later than last year's, and the latest date of this occurrence since 1985 (the typical date is in late May).  There would be just seven more days in the 90s this year (the typical number is 18).

2004 (Friday)

0.95" of rain fell during thundershowers between 6-11 PM.  Rain was heaviest at the onset, when 0.53" fell in the initial hour.  

2012 (Monday)

Two rounds of severe thunderstorms moved through the area, one during morning rush hour, the other during the evening commute.  This was much like three days earlier when strong storms rumbled through during mid-afternoon and early evening.  However, in all cases Manhattan was in a protective bubble as the storms either lost their punch, or moved to the north or south.  While three to six inches of rain was common in the suburbs of New Jersey, Westchester County and Long Island, just 0.50" was measured in Central Park.     




2017 (Sunday)

Today's high reached 83° for the fifth day of the past six.  (And since 2000, 83° happens to be the most frequently occurring high temperature).

2019 (Tuesday)

Shortly after daybreak a deluge dumped 0.86" of rain in a little less than an hour.  This tied 6/2 as the rainiest day this month.  And although the rest of the day was rain-free, it was very humid, with dew points in the low 70s during much of the afternoon (this was the first day this year I turned on my AC).  Additionally, today had the first low in the 70s of the year, about three weeks later than average, and the latest date in ten years.











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Harry Mandel

In regards to 1998, ironically, it ended up at the time the warmest year on record (broken in 2012). But June was one of the few below normal months that year.

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