Today in New York Weather History: July 7
Today in New York Weather History: July 8

Triple-Digit Heat in New York City: A History


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Thankfully, days of triple-digit heat don't occur very often in New York City.  (The last time was during the summer of 2012).  This post provides some interesting findings about these excessively sizzling days.  (Please note that this analysis does not include days in which the heat index rose into triple digits.)


  • Since 1870 high temperatures of 100° or hotter have occurred in thirty-one of the years, a frequency of about once every five years.  The hottest reading of all time, 106°, occurred on July 9, 1936.  
  • The longest span without any 100-degree days was 16 years, between 1882-1897.  More recently there was a 10-year span between 1981-1990, and eight years between 2002-2009.
  • In the ten-year period between 1948-1957 the temperature hit 100°+ in seven of the years.  The most consecutive years with a 100-degree reading is four, occurring between 1952-1955.  The second longest streak happened relatively recently, the three years between 2010-12.  And in 1936 and 1937, both years had 100+ readings on July 7 and 8.
  • The earliest 100-degree day was June 26, 1952; the latest on Sept. 7, 1881. Not surprisingly 70% of the 100-degree days have occurred in July.  Despite the bulk of 100-degree days in July, none has ever been reported between July 24-30.   
  • July 21 is the day most likely to have a triple-digit reading.  They've occurred six times on this date.  Next most likely is July 22, which has seen 100 degrees+ in four years.  (July 18 is the day most likely to have a 90-degree day.) 
  • There have been two three-day streaks with highs in the triple digits - Aug. 26-28, 1948 (103-101-100) and July 8-10, 1993 (100-101-102). 
  • Finally, fourteen years got very close, but didn't reach the triple-digit threshold, with their hottest readings peaking at 99°.  1949, in addition to two days in the 100s, had three days with highs of 99°.  


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what, by far, has been the coolest (or most refreshing) summer to experience a 100° reading?


The fourth coolest summer, in 1881, had one day with a high in the triple digits (a high of 101 on 9/7). And on the flip-side of the coin, the hottest summer not to experience a high of 100+ was in 2005 (third hottest summer). Two other summers among the ten hottest also didn't see a high of 100+ - 2016 (tied for seventh) and 1988 (tied for tenth).


1917 has the distinction of having the fewest number of 90° days (6) to also contain a 100° reading (on 7/31). on the other hand, the most number of 90° days not to contain a 100° reading occurred in 1983 with 36 hot days (7/15 & 9/11 had highs of 98° & 99° respectively).

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