Today in New York Weather History: July 10
Today in New York Weather History: July 12

Today in New York Weather History: July 11


1937 (Sunday)

Both this and the previous summer had five-day heat waves that ended on July 11.  Each year's heat wave also had two days in the triple digits on July 9 and 10.  Last year's readings were highs of 106° (hottest reading on record) and 102° while this year's were both 100°.




1988 (Monday)

Today's high of 98° was a record for the date.  This was one of eleven days with a high in the 90s in a two-week period from 7/6 thru 7/19. 

2007 (Wednesday)

A thick haze predominated during the daylight hours, but then a cleansing cold front moved through in the early evening, producing thunderstorms that dropped 1.10" of rain between 6-9 PM.  Much of it, 0.78", poured down between 6-7 PM.




2013 (Thursday)

Low temperatures during the past four days: 73°-74°-75°-76° (today).  Typical low for this time of month is 69°.

2020 (Saturday)

Following yesterday oppressive conditions, today was even more uncomfortable as afternoon dew points rose from the low 70s to between 74°and 77°.  Additionally, today's afternoon air temperature was 8-10 degrees warmer (low 80s vs mid-70s).  Two heavy downpours in mid-afternoon and evening produced 0.75" of rain, one day after 2.54" poured down from tropical storm Fay. 







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Hey fry great stuff love the site keep up the great work!!


Thank you sir! I didn't get my meteorology degree but I never lost my fascination with weather stats.


2020 - a combined total of 3.31” of rain fell yesterday and today. this was the wettest that any consecutive calendar days have been since April 29 to May first of 2014 when a combined total of 5.12” of rain fell (then some more rain would fall on May 3 and 4 too).

side note: yesterday’s rain was the wettest July day since 2000 (when 3.24” fell on 7/26) and the fifteenth wettest July day on record.

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