Today in New York Weather History: July 11
Looking Back at New York Weather: July 13

Today in New York Weather History: July 12

1924 (Saturday)

For the fourth day in a row the high was 86°.

1937 (Monday)
In less than an hour (3:06-3:51 PM) an afternoon thunderstorm drenched the City with 2.18" of rain.  This was on top of half an inch of rain that fell between 9-10 AM, bringing the day's total to 2.68", which was a record for the date (a record that still stands). 
1960 (Tuesday)

Today's high of 91° was the first in the 90s this year, the latest date for this occurrence since 1927 (when it was on 7/13).  Typically the first reading in the 90s occurs around Memorial Day.  The next 90-degree temperature wouldn't be until 8/27.

1971 (Monday)

A heavy shower moved through between 9-10 PM, dumping 0.25" of rain - the first measurable rain to fall on this date in 16 years.

1979 (Thursday)

With a high of 92°, today was the first day to reach the 90s since May 10.

1990 (Thursday)

It was a damp and chilly day as 0.56" of rain fell and the high/low of 67°/58° was fourteen degrees below average.




2006 (Wednesday)

Two periods of heavy rain fell during the PM hours.  The first occurred between 4-6 PM when 0.74" fell; four hours later an additional 0.73" fell between 10 PM-midnight. 

2013 (Friday)

For the first time since June 22 the temperature fell into the 60s.  It occurred during a drizzly, breezy evening.  The nineteen consecutive days with low temperatures of 70° or warmer was the fourth longest streak since 1950.


Chart - Lengthy Streak of Lows in 70s

2021 (Monday)

In the wee hours of the morning, Central Park had its third one-hour deluge of an inch or more in the past five days.  The 1.42” that poured down, mostly between 2:15-3:15, brought the month’s rainfall to 8.49”, making this the wettest July since 1975, and the 7th wettest July (with 19 days to go).  The rest of the day was rain-free, but the air was oppressive, with dew points in the 72° to 75° range.  This produced a heat index in the low 90s (the afternoon high was 86°).


1 hour


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For the life of me I can't remember that day in 90" but good grief that day must
Have felt great,not to mention more spring like...I wonder if that was an el niño
Year? Hmm.keep it going fry...


Well it was not an el Nino year 'twas la Nina


also in 2013, this was the only July, in the years since 1900, that the first eleven days of the month all had lows of 70° or warmer. the overall record for this occurrence happened in 1872 when the first thirteen days of July all had lows that were this mild.

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