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1966 (Thursday)

This was the last day of a nine-day heat wave, and the sixteenth day of the past eighteen (since June 27) to have have a high of 90° or hotter; six were 98° or hotter. 

1985 (Sunday)

Today's high of 92° was the summer's first reading in the 90s - the third latest date on record for this occurrence.  Only 1869 and 1877 had later dates (July 16 and 26, respectively).  This was also the third year in a row in which the high temperature topped 90° on this date.   




1987 (Tuesday)

In a 30-minute period, between 4:34-5:04 PM, 0.44" of rain fell during a thunderstorm.  Rain continued until 10 PM, and amounted to just under an inch.  

1999 (Wednesday)

Low temperatures during the past four days were: 61°-62°-63°-64° (today).  The typical low during these days is 69°.

2000 (Friday)

A strong thunderstorm dumped 0.51" of rain in fifteen minutes (1:51-2:06 P M).

2016 (Thursday)

The air was thick with humidity, and the dew point was in the 70s all day.  Although the temperature failed to reach 90° (the high was 88°), the wicked humidity produced heat indexes in the mid-90s.  Some relief was delivered by a strong, but brief, thunderstorm between 4:00 and 4:30 PM that dumped 0.62" of rain in about 15 minutes.  However, this didn't dissipate the humidity as the dew point rose to an unbearable 76° at around 7 PM.


Dew point chart  


2022 (Thursday)

Today was the third day in a row with a high in the 90s, making this the first heat wave of the year.  With highs of 90°-91°-90° (today) this was one of the most tepid 3-day heat waves on record.  Only three other heat waves of this length have been "cooler" - in 1873, 1939, and 2013.  (To read an analysis about tepid 4-day heat waves click here.)

Chart - most tepid 3 day heat waves











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I remember that very humid stretch last year. If I remember right JFK recorded an 80+ dew point


I noticed that this year (2021) the first 14 days of July had a low temperature of 72 or less (streak will probably break today with a low of 74 overnight). Is that unusual? If so when is the last time it happened?

Also, with the low of 74 or less today, is the first 15 days all having a low under 75 unusual?


to answer the above question, July’s first fourteen days with a low temp of 72° or colder is actually an extremely common occurrence, as this has happened in 44 years, including 2021. the four most recent years in which this has happened have all occurred in this century (2000, 2001, 2009 and 2014). July’s first fifteen days with a low temp of 74° or colder is an even more common occurrence, as this has happened in a whopping 74 years, including 2021. in just this century alone, there’s been eight years that have had a July like this.

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