Today in New York Weather History: July 14
Looking Back at New York's Weather: July 16

Today in New York Weather History: July 15



Less than a week after highs of 96° and 97°, today's high on a rainy day was only 67° (more typical of early May).  But a week later broiling heat would return, with back-to-back highs of 100° on 7/21 and 7/22.


The high reached a stifling 98°.  (It appeared this would be the hottest reading of the year, but then on Sept. 11 the mercury soared to 99°.)  This was the day I became an uncle for the first time, as my nephew Corry was born in New Jersey (he shares the birthday with his father).  He'd become used to celebrating his birthday in scorching heat.




A thundershower between 1-2 AM produced 0.14" of rain, the first of twelve days of rain in the next fourteen.  A total of 7.44" of rain would fall in Central Park during this wet two-week period.  Also, today's high of 93° was the eighth 90-degree reading of the past ten days.   


0.37" of rain fell in ten minutes during an evening thunderstorm (7:37-7:47 PM).  The storm was triggered by a cold front that brought relief after three 90-degree days; today's high was 92°.  The downpour (which dumped 0.89" over three hours) disrupted the opening of the third evening session of the Democratic Convention held at Madison Square Garden.




For the third year in a row the high was in the 90s on this date.


This was the hottest day of the summer as the high reached 102° after a low of 84° (the warmest morning low on record).  The high was a record for the date.  This intense heat was produced by the same high pressure system that broiled Chicago for five days and resulted in the deaths of 750 residents.




Today's high/low of 97°/77° made it the hottest day of the summer.  A brief thunderstorm moved through between 6-7 PM and dropped 0.17" of rain.


For the fifteenth day in a row temperatures were below-average in what became one of the coolest Julys on record (only two days had above-average readings).  During this fifteen-day period temperatures were five degrees below average. 


For the ninth day in a row the low temperature was either 71° or 72°.  (The average during these days is 69°.)  During these nine days there were seven different high temperatures, ranging from 83° to 91°.


Since 2010 there have been 34 days with lows of 79°, and the average high on these days was 96°.  Today's low was also 79°, but, with a high of 88°, it joined July 26, 1979 (high of 87°) as the only two days with lows of 79° or warmer not to have a high in the 90s.


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at no point between 3AM yesterday and 9AM today did the temperature get out of the 65-70 degree range. similar to what happened a month ago where between 6AM on 6/16 and 7AM on 6/17 the temperature never got out of the 66-68 degree range.


And the temperature was 68 or 69 degrees for a 20-hour period, beginning shortly before 1PM on July 14 and continuing thru daybreak on July 15.

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