Today in New York Weather History: July 29
Revisiting New York's Hottest Summers

Today in New York Weather History: July 30



Today was the thirteenth day in a row with a high temperature of 89° or hotter.  Of these days, eight were in the 90s, including today, which had a high of 95°.  This was one month after an eight-day streak of highs of 88°+.




Three days after 1.50" of rain fell, the biggest rainstorm in five years (since Hurricane Connie) dumped 3.56" in a 12-hour period between 1AM and 1PM.  This heavy rain was produced by tropical storm Brenda, which moved over NYC on its way to New England.  At the time this was the second greatest daily amount in the month of July (it's now ranked third).


Today, with a high of 77°, was the only day this month to have a high cooler than 80° (on average July has six such days).  It was also the first day with a high in the 70s in six weeks, a period in which highs averaged 91°, eight degrees above average.  Twenty-three of the days had highs of 90° or hotter.  Besides the heat, there was very little rain, with just 1.29" measured.


Three inches of rain fell, most of which came down between 6 AM-3 PM.  At its heaviest, 1.04" fell in the hour between 9-10 AM.  Because of the thick cloud cover there was little change in temperature, with the high of 75° just three degrees above the day's low.


With a high of 87°/66°, today was the 14th day this month with a mean temperature at seasonable levels - the most of any month in the 1970-2020 period. 


Today's high topped out at 98°, a record for the date.  Later in the day I escaped the heat by leaving on vacation in the Canadian Rockies (where, four days later, a few inches of snow fell near Lake Louise inside Banff National Park).




The 0.23" of rain that fell today (mostly from a shower in the pre-dawn hours) would be the last time rain fell on this date until 2015.


This was the third day in a row with a high of 89°.


A series of tropical downpours during the afternoon dumped 1.95" of rain - the first rain to fall on this date in fifteen years.  Today's amount was comparable to the rainfall of the past four weeks and was the biggest rainstorm since Jan. 18 (when 2.10" fell).  During one 20-minute period (between 1:25 and 1:45 PM) nearly an inch of rain poured down.  It was a very muggy day, with dew points in the low 70s and a high of 87°.


Wet umbrella 











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2016 - 0.25" of rain fell today. this was the first time since 1940 and 1941 that back to back years had rain on this date.

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