Today in New York Weather History: August 4
Today in New York Weather History: August 6

Looking Back at New York Weather: August 5


1958 (Tuesday)

Morning lows of the past five days: 67° (on 8/1)-68°-69°-70°-71° (today).

1975 (Tuesday)

Today's high of 91° was the last 90-degree day of the year, nearly a month earlier than average.  This was just one of eight hot days this summer, well below the average of nineteen (in the years since 1940). 

1979 (Sunday)

This was the sixth day in a row with a low of 75° or warmer.  With an average of 77°, these mornings were eight degrees above average.




1988 (Friday)

Today and the past two days all had the same high and low of 89°/76°.

1995 (Saturday)

Today was the twenty-fourth day in a row in which temperatures were above-average, the longest such stretch during any summer between 1953-2021 (meteorological summer, June 1-Aug. 31).  These twenty-four days all had high temperatures of 85° or warmer, tying a similar streak in 1988.  Temperatures were six degrees above average during this span.  Additionally, 0.13" of rain fell today, making it the wettest day of a record-dry August (just 0.18" was measured).




1999 (Thursday)

During a typical year the last 90-degree day usually occurs at the end of August.  This year, however, it happened today - one of the earliest dates for this occurrence (and the earliest since 1982).  Interestingly, this was during a summer that had nearly 50% more 90-degree days than average (27 vs. 18).

2005 (Friday)

Today's high was a scorching 98°, the fourth day in a row with temperatures in the mid-to-upper-90s.

2014 (Tuesday)

Today's high was 90°, the first 90-degree reading in four weeks, and just the fourth 90-degree day of the summer.  Typically, there have been a dozen such days by the first week of August.  There would be four more hot days, between Aug. 27-Sept. 6.





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Ken K. in NJ

Hi Rob. How unusual is it to have 3 days in a row with the exact same high and low (1988)?



Hi Ken, it's extremely rare, happening just three times. In addition to 1988, it also happened in early May 1984 and early May 1879. I wrote a post on the topic of back-to-back day with identical temperatures at the beginning of 2021 and the three-day examples were cited: https://thestarryeye.typepad.com/weather/2021/01/analysis-of-back-to-back-days-with-same-high-and-low.html

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