Remembering Severe Thunderstorms That Have Struck New York City (1980 - 2022)
Today in New York Weather History: August 21

Looking Back at New York's Weather: August 20



Today's 3.63" of rain was a record for the date (that still stands), with much of it falling between 1-10 AM, and nearly half (1.73") falling in an hour. 


After the flooding rains of Hurricane Connie and Diane between Aug. 11-19, the fierce heat of the first week of August returned for one last heat wave of the summer.  Today's high reached 97°,  tomorrow's would reach 96° and 8/22 would have a high of 90°.  Nearly half of the days between July 2 and Aug. 22 had highs in the 90s - and sixteen days had highs of 95° or hotter.


Weather heat wave 


The day after Hurricane Bob brushed the city and dumped 2.53" of rain, an additional 1.19" of rain fell today between 3 PM and 1 AM, but it was unrelated to the hurricane.




Today was the 42nd day in a row with a high of 80° or warmer, making this the second longest such streak on record (moving ahead of 1943 and 2011).  The longest such streak, which occurred in 1944, lasted 59 days - and this year's streak would eventually eclipse that record.  







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1955's sixteen 95°+ days (the most such days in one year on record) is pretty amazing considering 1955 had "just" twenty-five 90°+ days (one was in May, the rest were in July and August) while eighteen other years have had more 90°+ days. also amazing is despite the abundance of 95°+ days, 1955 ranks as the thirteenth hottest meteorological summer due to a cool June.


2021 - so far this month, 1.46” of rain fell. a trace fell today and 0.20” fell yesterday. since 2000, only 2010 (0.38”) and 2014 (1.21”) have had a drier first twenty days in August than this year. this was also the tenth driest first twenty days in August since 1980.

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