Looking Back at New York Weather: August 5
Today in New York Weather History: August 7

Today in New York Weather History: August 6


1902 (Wednesday)

Just ten days after a tremendous short-duration deluge flooded the City with three inches of rain in an hour, another one occurred today at daybreak.  Of the 2.21" of rain that fell from 5:15 to 7:45 AM, almost all of it (1.91") was concentrated in a 30-minute period.

1955 (Saturday)

With a high of 97°, today was the tenth day in the past three weeks to have a high of 97° or hotter.




1970 (Thursday)

A quick shower between 8-9 PM brought 0.04" - the first rain on this date since 1956.

1981 (Thursday)

For the third year in a row, both Aug. 5 and Aug. 6 had highs in the 90s.

1986 (Wednesday)

Since Aug. 2, four of the five days had highs of 85°, the other day (Aug. 4) had a high of 86°. 

1987 (Thursday)

0.81" of rain fell in the two hours between midnight and 2 AM this morning.  

1988 (Saturday)

Today and each of the past three days had highs of 89°.




1990 (Monday)

Beginning today and continuing through Aug. 11, nearly ten inches of rain would fall.  2.30" of rain fell today, much of it before 8 AM.


Heavy rain  


1998 (Thursday)

Today, and the previous two days, had very similar highs/lows of 87°/70°, 86°/70° and 87°/70°. 

2000 (Sunday)

Twenty-nine of the past thirty-two days had below average temperatures.  Twenty days had highs below 80° during a time of the year when highs are typically in the mid-80s. 

2008 (Wednesday)

Today's high of 87° was one degree above yesterday's high, two degrees warmer than two days ago, and three higher than three days ago.

2015 (Thursday)

A high of 83° broke a 19-day streak with highs that were 85° or warmer.  This was the fourth longest streak in the years since 1940.  However, another streak continued as today was the 28th day in a row in which the high was 80° or warmer.  This was still well behind the longest such streak, which was 59 days in the summer of 1944, but it would continue and eventually break the record.


The 80s











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