Looking Back at New York Weather: August 8
Looking Back at New York's Weather: August 10

Today in New York Weather History: August 9



Each of the first nine days of August had some rain, totaling 5.14" (3.75" of it fell on 8/4).


Today had the year's first low in the 70s, the latest date on record for this occurrence (it typically occurs the first week of June).  Not surprisingly, 1920 had the second fewest days with lows of 70+, eight (later tied by 1962), one more than 1874.  This compared to the average number of 30 (in the 50 years before 1920).


4.10" of rain fell between 4 AM-2 PM (with 0.89" falling between 11 AM-noon).  This was a record for the date (which still stands), the biggest rainstorm in four years (since the great 'Long Island Express' hurricane of Sept. 1938), and the first of four days between today and 8/17 to pick up more than an inch of rain (amounting to 8.74"). 


Hurricane Belle approached the area during the day, a Sunday, and made landfall as a Category 1 storm near Jones Beach shortly after midnight.  Nearly four inches of rain fell,  much of it between 10 PM and midnight, when 2.37" poured down.  The 3.94" that fell in total was just shy of the record for the date (4.10" fell in 1942).  This deluge is memorable for me because it happened on the evening my brother and I drove from Pittsburgh to New York for my first visit to the 'Big Apple' - and we were clueless about the storm.  We were alarmed by the sheets of blinding rain as we made our way through northern New Jersey, but fortunately, because the eye was about 100 miles to our east, we were spared any high winds.  




This was the fifth day in a row with a high in the 90s.  Highs during these days were 92°, 93°, 91°, 90° and 90° (today).  The average high of this heat wave, 91.2°, was well below that of the brutal nine-day heat wave in July (97.1°).


Today's high was 95°, the eighth day in a row with a high in the 90s.  The average high/low during these days was 93°/75°, eight degrees above average.  


Three inches of rain fell in a 12-hour period between noon and midnight.  During one of these hours (9:22-10:22 PM), 1.04" poured down.




Lunchtime was a soggy one as 0.82" of rain fell between 1-3 PM.  This was the biggest rainstorm of the month. 


Today's high of 90° was the first 90-degree temperature since June 11.  It was also the last day in the 90s this year.  At the time this was the third greatest gap between the penultimate and the last day in the 90s (now the fifth greatest).  In total, only seven days were in the 90s, well below the average of eighteen.  


Today's high temperature soared to 103°, the hottest reading in NYC since 1977, and the first triple-digit reading in August since 1955.  Only July 9, 1936 and Aug. 7, 1918 had a hotter reading (106° and 104°, respectively, and later joined by a 104° on 7/22 in 2011). 




During the first nine days of August, 5.42" of rain fell, but then just 0.36" would be measured for the rest of the month.  (The first nine days of August 1915 also had rain on each day, totaling 5.14".)


2.09" of rain fell mostly around lunchtime, causing subway and street flooding.  This was the first of four days this month which saw more than two inches of rain.  




The air had a very tropical feel to it, with a heat index of 91° in mid-afternoon.  Under mostly cloudy skies (northern suburbs and southern New England had substantial rainfall), the day's high/low of 85°/74° was four degrees above average - the first day with an above-average mean temperature since 7/23.











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