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A Look Back at New York Weather History: September 4


1883 (Tuesday)

The earliest date for a reading in the 40s occurred today, when the low fell to 47°.  The average date for a temperature cooler than 50 ° is a few days after the first day of autumn.  The high was also on the cool side, 68°, which was one degree higher than yesterday.  (Sept. 1883 is the third coolest September on record.) 

1890 (Thursday)

Today's high of 88° was the warmest reading of the month, making this the sixth year in a row in which there were no 90-degree readings (or hotter) in September, the longest such streak on record.

1929 (Wednesday)

This was last day of the third four-day heat wave this summer - and it was the hottest of the three - with highs of 95°-96°-99°-97°.  The readings today and yesterday were record (which still stand).

Heat wave


1937 (Saturday)

This was the last day of the summer's second five-day heat wave (and the year's last reading in the 90s).  The first one was between July 7-11, and was hotter, with an average high of 96.6° vs. 91.2° for this most recent one.  There were also two heat waves of this length in 1936.

1953 (Friday)

Today was the twelfth day in a row with highs in the 90s - New York's lengthiest heat wave on record (a record that still stands).  The average high/low during this torrid streak was 95°/74° - fourteen degrees above average.




1969 (Thursday)

The rainstorm that moved in yesterday and dumped a record 3.32" of rain continued today and dumped an additional 2.96", which was another record amount.  Although today's rain continued through midnight, much of it came down between 1 AM and 7 AM, snarling the morning commute.  At its most intense, 1.08" poured down in the hour between 2:00 and 3:00 PM.  This was the most rain to fall from one storm since 7.76" fell in September 1944 during the Great Atlantic Hurricane.  

1973 (Tuesday)

This was the last day of an eight-day heat wave that saw high temperatures range between 93° (today's high) and 98°.  It was the longest heat wave since one of nine days in July 1966.  The average high/low during this stretch of days was 95°/75°, thirteen degrees above average.  Today was also the last 90-degree day of the year, bringing the year's total to eighteen - very close to the average of nineteen (1940-1972 period).




1979 (Tuesday)

Today's high was 90°, the nineteenth, and last, 90-degree day of the year.  The summer of 1979 has the distinction of having the most days in the 90s without having a heat wave (defined as three or more days in a row with highs in the 90s/100s).

2008 (Thursday)

Today had the twelfth, and last, reading in the 90s this year.  This was below the average number of hot days for a year (eighteen), but it was more than the previous two years (ten in 2007, eight in 2006).  This was the seventh year in which Sept. 4 had the last 90-degree of the year - the second most of any date (behind Sept. 6). 

2017 (Monday)

It was a beautiful Labor Day, with mostly clear skies and seasonable temperatures.  This was in contrast to Saturday and Sunday, which were mostly overcast and cool, with high temperatures only in the upper 60s.

2022 (Sunday)

Today's high of 90° was the 25th in the 90s this year, making 2022 the 20th year with 25 or more.  Of the 20, this year ranks last for average of its highs (91.8°) as more than half of the days had highs of 90° or 91° (including the last six readings).  This was the first Sunday before Labor Day with a high of 90 or hotter since 2014.









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2021 - with today's high being 79°, this was the first time since 2006, and the ninth time since 1930, where September's first four days all had a high that was colder than 80°.


when was the last time (before 2022) the Sunday of Labor Day weekend had a high in the nineties?


The last time was in 2014, also a high of 90.

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