Today in New York Weather History: September 9
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Today in New York Weather History: September 10



The morning low of 49°, thirteen degrees below average, was the earliest date for a reading in the 40s since 1924 (when it occurred on 9/6).  Today's record low, however, was 43°, set in 1883.




Wow, a high of 97° in the second week of September - 20 degrees above average!  It tied the record for the date, from 1931.  (Tomorrow would be even hotter.)




Today's high was a sizzling 94°.  This was the latest reading in the 90s in six years.


In just five minutes 0.42" of rain fell between 1:15-1:20 PM, and 1.02" fell in the twenty-minute period between 1:06-1:26 PM.


Today had the last 80°+ reading of the year, the earliest date of this occurrence since 1913, when it happened on Sept. 8 (2020's last day in the 80s would also occur on 9/10).  The average date for New York's last 80-degree day is Oct. 4 (based on the 1970-1995 period).




0.77" of rain fell between 2-3 AM.  Total rainfall for the day, 1.38", was a record for the date (one of the lowest totals to be a daily record, later broken in 2015).


It was a warm and sticky day (the dew point rose into the low 70s), the warmest day of the month (high/low of 86°/68°), but then a passing cold front produced thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening.  The evening thunderstorm dumped 0.57" of rain between 8:15-8:45 PM.  Skies cleared afterward, setting the stage for a beautiful day tomorrow.




Today's high of 90° was the last, and 32nd, 90-degree day of the year.  This was the most 90-degree days in nine years and is tied for seventh most with four other years.  (The most such days, 39, occurred in 1991 and 1993.)




A couple of showers at daybreak and during lunchtime, amounting to 0.13", broke a streak of nineteen rain-free days.


Clouds and showers throughout the day prevented the temperature from reaching 80° for the first time since July 9 - a record streak of 62 days.  (The official high was 79°, which occurred just after midnight.)  Although today's afternoon temperatures were in the mid-70s, a dew point around 70° gave the air a heavy, tropical feel.  Today's rainfall amounted to 1.53", which was a record for the date.




Today was hot and humid, with dew points in the low 70s, producing a mid-afternoon heat index of 101°.  Today's high of 90° was the 21st 90-degree reading of the year (with one more to come) - the most since 2010 (the hottest summer on record). 


Today's high of 82° was the last reading of 80+ of the year.  Among summers with 20 or more days of 90+ (this summer had twenty such days) this became the earliest date for the last 80+ (looking at all summers, the earliest date for the last 80+ reading was in 1902, on 9/2).  Two other summers that reported their last reading of 80°+ a few days later than this year's had considerably more days in the 90s: 1966, which had 37 hot days, had its last 80+ on 9/11, and 1999, which had 27 hot days, had its last 80+ on 9/15.


Last 80
















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2017 - today's high was 72° and yesterday's high was 70°. in stark contrast, just last year, the LOWS on these same two dates were 75° and 74° respectively.


2018 - today's high of 64° followed yesterday's high of 62°. this was just the second time since 1900 (the other year was in 1963), and only the fifth time overall, that at least two of the first ten days of September had highs colder than 65°.


Very similar to 1996, 2020 also had its last 80° day (the high was 82°) on this date. (though there would be two more days with highs of 79° later in 2020). Besides these two years, only seven other years have had their last 80° day as early (or earlier than) as this year. Five of the seven years were in the 1800s. the other two years were 1902 and 1913. 1902 only had one 90° day, when the high was 90° on July ninth.


2020 had 129 days (compared to an average of 162 days) that ranged from the year’s first 80° day to the year’s final 80° day. this was the fewest number of such days since 1988 (which had a whopping 33 ninety degree days), when there were 127 days. 1988’s first 80° day was on May 23 and the final 80° day was on 9/28. besides 1988 and 2020, only fourteen other years have had 129 or fewer days that ranged from the first 80° day to the final 80° day. seven of the fourteen years have occurred in the nineteenth century.

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