Today in New York Weather History: September 13
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Today in New York Weather History: September 14


1904 (Wednesday)

After three weeks in which just 0.01" of rain fell, 3.84" poured down from a hurricane that crossed the eastern end of Long Island (it tore 19 barges from their moorings in New York Harbor).  The rainfall was split pretty evenly between this evening and tomorrow morning.

1930 (Sunday)

A minimal hurricane off the Outer Banks of North Carolina, pushed rain squalls into the area after 10 PM on the 13th that continued through the wee hours of this morning.  The 0.75" that fell (0.56" of it today) was half the rainfall of a dry September (at the time, the tenth driest September; now ranked 21st). 

1944 (Thursday)

The hurricane known as "The Great Atlantic Hurricane" raced up the Mid-Atlantic coastline, then veered to the east of NYC, dumping 3.82" of rain between 5 PM and midnight, and lashing the City with gale force winds that gusted between 40 and 50 mph (and 70-80 mph at LaGuardia Airport).  Today's rainfall came on top of 3.94" that fell yesterday and 1.64" the day before for a three-day total of 9.40".  The New York metro area was the bulls-eye for the heaviest rainfall.


Rockefeller Plaza (from website bowerlyboogie.com; AP photo/John Lent)


1945 (Friday)

On the one-year anniversary of the "Great Atlantic Hurricane", 3.10" of rain poured down, largely during two thunderstorms between 6:00 and 10:00 PM.  The first storm was the most intense, with nearly two inches of rain falling in just an hour (between 6-7:00).

1961 (Thursday)

Today's high/low was 87°/72°, the 22nd day in a row with above average temperatures.  With an average high/low of 89°/71° during these days, the mean temperature was nine degrees above average.  Nine days had highs in the 90s, fourteen had highs of 88° or hotter; seventeen days had lows in the 70s.

1971 (Tuesday)

In the past four days 6.70" of rain fell, with the bulk of today's pouring down today between 5-10 AM and 3-5 PM.  The 3.76" that fell was from tropical storm Heidi, and came less then three weeks after tropical storm Doria flooded the area with nearly six inches of rain.  Today's amount was 0.06" shy of the record for the date (set in 1944 when The Great Atlantic Hurricane struck). 




1975 (Sunday)

The day's low of 46° was the chilliest reading of the month, 16 degrees below average, tying the record for the date.

1981 (Monday)

Today's high/low of 89°/71° was 11 degrees above average.

1989 (Thursday)

0.55" of rain fell between 2-3 PM and 0.41" fell between 4-5 PM.  Despite the rain (1.31" fell in total) this was the eighth day in a row with a high temperature in the 80s.

1995 (Thursday)

Today was the last day with a high in the 90s/100s this year (the high reached 90°).  In total, the year had 29 such days, well above the average of eighteen.  At the time this was the ninth highest number of hot days on record (now tied for twelfth).

1996 (Saturday)

This morning's low of 57° was the first that was cooler than 60° since June 3 - the longest stretch of days with lows of 60+ on record.  (This was nine days longer than the previous record of 93 days in 1966.)  Ironically, the summer of 1996 was cooler than average.

2001 (Friday)

Three days after the 9-11 attacks, 1.90" of rain fell during the morning, hampering rescue and recovery operations down at Ground Zero.  (Later that day President Bush visited the site.)




2003 (Sunday)

Today was one of four days this month in which the high reached 80°, the warmest reading of the month - and the coolest maximum temperature for any September in more than 50 years.  Despite this, the month's overall temperature was slightly above average (+0.5°). 

2012 (Wednesday)

Today's high of 80° was the last reading in the 80s (or warmer) this year.  Only three other years since 1970 have had an earlier date for this occurrence: in 1999 (on 9/12), 1996 (on 9/10), and later on in 2020 (on 9/10).  The typical date for the last 80-degree reading is 9/30 (during the 1970-2011 period).

2013 (Thursday)

Today's chilly high of 67° was nine degrees cooler than average and ten degrees cooler than yesterday, twenty degrees cooler than two days ago and twenty-nine degrees cooler than 9/11, which had a high of 96°.

2015 (Saturday)

It was a delightful day, with clear skies and very pleasant temperatures that were a touch below average.  The morning low of 59° was the first in the 50s since late June.  With a high/low of 77°/59° today snapped a 16-day streak of above average mean temperatures.  During these sixteen days temperatures were close to eight degrees above average.  




2016 (Monday)

Today's high reached 91°, the latest date for a reading of 90+ since 1995 (when the date was also 9/14).  Half of this year's twenty-two 90-degree highs were either 90° or 91°; only three were 95° or hotter.  Today's heat was brought to heel by a brief, but strong, thunderstorm that struck around 5 PM, dumping 0.56" of rain in about an hour. 















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2020 - with a low of 59° (which happened just before midnight), today broke a string of ninety days in a row with a low of 60° or warmer. only 2010, 1966, 2016 and 1996 have also had a streak of this kind that lasted for at least ninety days.


interestingly, while 1996 had the longest streak of these five years (102 days, from June fourth to September thirteenth), it also had, by far, the coldest summer of these five years. 1966, 2010, 2016 and 2020 all rank among the ten hottest summers, but 1996 ranks as the forty-fifth coldest summer.


2021 was the first time since 2009, and the thirtieth time overall (half of the 30 times have happened in the 100 years that preceded 2021), in which none of the days from August 31 to September 14 had a high of 85° or warmer.

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