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Today in New York Weather History: September 5

No rain with umbrella


Since record-keeping began in Central Park in 1869, Sept. 5 is the date least likely to have reported measurable rain - just 30 times in 155 years (Oct. 4 is second, with rain reported in 32 years).  Interestingly, the first time rain fell on this date, in 1878, was the most to ever fall on 9/5 - 2.45".  After eight years in a row with no rainfall between 2013-2020, small amounts fell in 2021 and 2022 (0.02" and 0.06" - the first time rain fell in consecutive years on this date).  19% of the years have had measurable rain in Central Park on 9/5 ,while 45% of the years on 7/29 have reported rain.


1898 (Monday)

This was the last day of a six-day heat wave, in which highs ranged from 90° to 93° (and tomorrow and the next day had highs of 88°).  Lows on these six days were between 75° and 79°. 

1983 (Monday)

Today was Labor Day and the afternoon high reached 91° - the last Labor Day to have a high in the 90s until 2015 (highs in 1996 and 1998 reached 89°). 

1985 (Thursday)

Today had temperatures sixteen degrees above average, with a high of 95° (a record) and low of 77°.




2000 (Tuesday)

After a Labor Day weekend in which every day saw highs in the 82° to 84° range, Tuesday dawned brisk and quite chilly with a low of just 52° (one degree shy of the 1963 record).  This was 30 degrees chillier than yesterday's noontime temperature.

2011 (Monday)

This was the eighth year in a row in which no rain fell on Labor Day, the longest rain-free streak since one of ten years between 1958-1967.  This was also the mildest three-day Labor Day weekend since 1983, five degrees warmer than average.  (Labor Day 2012 would be six degrees above average.)

2015 (Saturday)

Today's high in the lows 80s made this just the sixth year to have 100 days with highs of 80° or warmer (2016 would pass 100 as well).  And the record of 108 days (set in 1944) was within reach (the record was broken on 9/17).  







2016 (Monday)

Today was Labor Day and the high of 84° was the same as 4th of July, and two degrees warmer than Memorial Day. (However, Memorial Day's high was seven degrees above average, today's was five above average and 4th of July's was at the average.)  This was just the third year since 1970 in which the three summer holidays had similar highs.

2022 (Monday)

With a high of 88°, Labor Day was warmer than both the 4th of July (high of 85°) and Memorial Day (84°).  Like yesterday, today's high was noticeably hotter than the low 80s that had been predicted (yesterday's high reached 90°).  The City managed to have a fairly decent day as a large area of rain stayed to the north and west; a few showers moved in after dark.

2023 (Tuesday)

Today's sultry high/low of 92°/75° made this the first day with a temperature in the 90s since 7/28, when the high/low was the same as today's (7/27 also reported 92°/75°).  The day's mean temperature was 11 degrees warmer than average, which was the most above average day since 6/2 when it was 91°/66°.






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2005 - today was Labor Day, as well as the fifty-eighth consecutive day with a low temperature of 65° or warmer, the longest such streak on record, besting the previous record from 1906 by three days. 2010 and 2016 would experience such a streak of fifty-two and fifty days respectively.


1898 is the only September of all time in which the first five days of the month all had a high of 90° or warmer.

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