Today in New York Weather History: September 7
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Today in New York Weather History: September 8



The strongest hurricane of the season brought heavy rain when it crossed over the eastern end of Long Island.  There were two periods of heavy rain, the first between 6-10 AM, when 1.23" fell, and then much heavier rain fell from 5-11 PM, when 3.26" poured down.  (An additional  0.37" fell at other times during the day, bringing the day's total rainfall to 4.86", a record for the date.)  During the early evening winds gusted between 45-50 mph.


Today was the 18th day in a row with above average temperatures.  During this stretch temperatures were nearly eight degrees above average.


1.01" of rain fell between 9-11 PM (and 1.55" fell overall).


Today was the end of a five-day stretch in which the temperature averaged 12 degrees above average - including three days in the 90s. 


0.30" of rain fell in a 15-minute period between 8:49-9:04 PM.  Overall, 1.25" fell between 1-11 PM.


Heavy rains from tropical storm Frances (amounting to 3.77") flooded the area shortly before morning rush hour (most fell between 5-8 AM, with 1.76" falling between 6-7 AM).  Frances' effects were felt here three days after it made landfall as a slow-moving category 2 hurricane along Florida's east coast. 


Today was the 37th, and last, day of the year with a high temperature in the 90s - two fewer than 1991's and 1993's record number.  (However, 2010's was a hotter summer than either of those years.)


Over the past three days 5.33" of rain fell from the combination of a cold front and remnants of tropical storm Lee.  Since 8/9 Central Park received an incredible 23.16" of rain (normal is 4.32").  During this 31-day period there were four major rainstorms: 2.09" fell on 8/8; 6.37" on 8/14-15; 6.87" on 8/27-28 (from Hurricane Irene) and 5.33" in the last three days.  So much rain had fallen thru today that the 55 inches measured in the Park was already five inches above its annual average.




Today continued a pattern of severe thunderstorms that dissipated once they moved over Manhattan.  Today's storm arrived between 6:30-7 PM.  It was the ninth since June 22 to bear down on the City only to weaken once it crossed the Hudson River (however, many suburbs and some of NYC's boroughs were hit hard).  One exception was the thunderstorm that struck on July 18 (1.76" fell), which was also the hottest day of the year (100°).    


Clear and sizzling hot as the high soared to 97°, twenty degrees above average, and a record for the date.  This was the hottest reading of the year and the hottest in September since 1983 (when the mercury reached 99° on 9/11).  However, today's mean temperature of 86.5° wasn't the hottest of the summer; that remained on 7/20, when the high/low was 94°/82° (mean temperature of 88°).












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what's really remarkable about 2010's (37) 90° days was that it was equivalent to the number of 90° days in the preceding four years (2006-2009) combined!


also in 2015, this was the third latest date on record for a temperature this hot. on September 11, 1931 & 1983, the temperature reached 99° and on September 23, 1895, the temperature reached 97° as well.

Harry Mandel

Interestingly, the National Weather Service has reviewed this and now claims that the low temperature on Sept. 8, 1871 was 52 degrees. They have "thrown out" this 6 way tie and made it the updated record for the date.


Very interesting. Was this a recent announcement? I see that one of my NWS sources is still using 54 degrees as the record temperature.


I just realized that I never responded to your response from two years ago. This site lists the record low as 52 in 1871:


If you go to this site and then set it to Central Park and September 1871 it also shows the Sept. 8 low to now be 52.



Hi Harry, I've deleted the reference that the record low was 54. Thanks for pointing this out.


2015 was the second time in a row where the year’s hottest reading happened in September. 2014’s hottest reading was on September second (92°). when was the last time that consecutive years had their hottest reading happen in September?


It's happened twice before in 1914-1915 and 1931-1932. However, in both instances September's reading in one of the years (1914, 1931) occurred earlier in the summer as well.

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