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Sept. 9 is one of only two calendar dates in which a rainfall of one inch or more has not been measured (the greatest amount was 0.86" in 1902).  The other date with no one-inch+ rainfalls is April 29.  (April 30 was also on this list until 2014, when 4.97" poured down.)


1971 (Thursday)

Today's high was 91°, the year's last reading in the 90s.  In total, the year had eighteen such days, which was one below the average number (based on the period 1930-1970). 

1992 (Wednesday)

Today's low of 71° was the last low in the 70s of the year, which was very close to the average date for this occurrence (9/11).  However, it was just the fourteenth day this year with a low of 70° or milder, the fewest since 1963.  (The average number, between 1940-1991, was 31). 

1994 (Friday)

0.23" of rain fell in just five minutes between 8:04-8:09 PM.  Then just 0.10" more fell for the rest of the evening. 

1999 (Thursday) 

For the fourth time since 1985 the last low in the 70s occurred on this date.  Also, during the past four days the low temperatures were: 74°-73°-72°-71° (today), well above the average low of 63°.

2007 (Sunday)

Today was the 19th day in a row with no rain.  September 2007 would be on the dry side, with just 1.81" of rainfall.

2015 (Wednesday)

Although today's high of 90° was a cool-down from yesterday's 97°, it felt nearly as uncomfortable because of a dew point around 70°.  This was the sixth 90-degree day of the month; only four other Septembers have had more: 1961 (8), 1983 (7), 1970 (7) and 1895 (7).   

2016 (Friday)

It was hot and humid with a high of 91°, the 20th 90-degree day of the year; this was the same date as last year's 20th 90-degree day.  The low this morning was just 81° which, if it held for the rest of the day, would have been the first time an 80-degree low was recorded in September.  However, after showers moved in after 10 PM, the temperature tumbled from 85° to 75° just before midnight.


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2007's rain-free streak of nineteen days was the longest since one of twenty-six days in the spring of 2001, and among the ten wettest years, 2007 (which would end up with 61.67", ranking fifth) featured the longest such streak of them all, besting a streak of this kind from the spring of 1903 by one day. 1903 had 58.52" of precipitation and ranks as the ninth wettest.


not only did 2015 and 2016 have the same date for the year’s twentieth 90° day, but both years had the same date for the year’s first 80° day as well (on April eighteenth).

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