Today in New York Weather History: September 28
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Today in New York City Weather History: September 29



The 0.02" of rain that fell shortly after midnight from a storm that began late last night (and dropped 0.34" from 11 PM-midnight) was the first measurable rainfall on this date since 1936.  At the time, this 22-year streak with no rain was the lengthiest on record for a calendar date (later passed by a 25-year streak on Dec. 1 for the years 1943-1967).    


In its fifth year, this was the first New York City Marathon to see rain as thundershowers produced 0.32" of rain between 3-4 PM and 0.10" between 5-6 PM (but well after the leading runners had crossed the finish line).  It was also a warm day, with a start-time temperature of 74°.


Nycmarathon tshirt


The morning low was a summer-like 71°, fifteen degrees above average.  This was the latest date for a low in the 70s since 1959 (when it occurred on 10/1), and would be the latest date until 2005, when that year's last 70-degree low temperature fell on 10/7 (and then 2010's occurred on 9/28; 2015's on 9/29; 2017 had 70-degree lows on 10/8 and 10/9; and in 2018 it was on 10/10.)  The average date for the occurrence is Sept. 11.


The 0.18" of rain the fell between 2-5 AM was the first rain on this date in seventeen years.


The morning low of 43° was the chilliest reading in September since 1963.












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2008 - today's low of 61° was the last low in the sixties this year. in the past four decades (since 1968), only two years have had an earlier date for this occurrence. they both happened on 9/27. the years were 1981 and 1993. although not quite as early, the date for next year's final sixty degree low would still be pretty early, happening just four days later. on average, a year's last sixty degree low occurs sometime in the second half of October.

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