Today in New York Weather History: September 18
Today in New York Weather History - September 20

Today in New York Weather History: September 19


1894 (Wednesday)

A rainstorm that moved in yesterday evening and continued through today, dumped more rain (5.16") than what fell all summer (the second driest on record).  The amount that fell today, 4.30", was a record for the date (that still stands).  At the time this was Central Park's third greatest daily rainfall (now ranked 17th).


1928 (Wednesday)

Remnants of the Great Okeechobee Hurricane (which killed 2,500+ in central Florida on 9/17) dampened the City with 1.70" of rain, and lashed it with gusty winds of 25-35 mph; 1.29" fell throughout the day today (with 0.58" of it falling between 10 AM-noon), and 0.41" fell in the wee hours of the 20th (with 0.29" falling between midnight-1 AM).   


1983 (Monday)

Today's high was a sizzling 94°, twenty degrees above average, and a record for the date.




2000 (Tuesday)

1.90" of rain fell during the afternoon and evening, with much of it falling between 5-7:30 PM.


2019 (Thursday)

Humidity of 15% or lower occurs very infrequently in New York, and when it has happened it's been in March and April (in the years since 2000) - until today, when it dropped to 15% for a few hours during the afternoon.  The last time the humidity was this low in September was on Sept. 11, 2001, when it reached 16%.







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1917 - today's high of 80° was the first day this month with a temperature this warm, the latest first 80° day of any September in the years since 1900. today and tomorrow (with a high of 84°) would be the only 80° days this month. this was the first September since 1908 with two or fewer such days, which is ironic, since that year had many summer days with warmer than average low temperatures.

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