Today in New York Weather History: September 19
Today in New York Weather History: September 21

Today in New York Weather History - September 20


1894 (Thursday)

All of September's 8.68" of rain fell in a 13-day period that ended today (with nearly half of it falling yesterday).

1979 (Thursday)

The morning low was a chilly 45°, fourteen degrees below average - and one degree shy of the record. 

1983 (Tuesday)

The high reached 93°, the last 90-degree day of the year, and 36th overall - at the time, the second most on record (now ranked fifth).  Today was also the seventh day with a high in the 90s since Sept. 5.  And the fourth record high of the month.




1989 (Wednesday)

2.32" of rain fell, with nearly half of it (1.05") falling in the 60 minutes between 6:37-7:37 PM.  4.21" fell in the past two days, and six inches in the past week.  Today's rainfall was a record for the date.

1993 (Monday)

The morning low of 44° tied the record for the date and was the chilliest reading of the month (16 degrees below average).  What made this temperature even more worthy of note was the fact that it was the fifth consecutive September in which the chilliest reading was 44° (but all on different dates).




2000 (Wednesday)

Today was the last 80-degree+ day of the year.  In total, there were 58 such days, the fewest of any year in the 1970-2022 period.  (The typical number is 85.)

2005 (Tuesday)

Today was the 20th day this year with a high of 82°, which is the most times a high temperature occurred in any one year in the 1970-2021 period.  (In 1991, the low of 65° occurred nineteen times, which is the most frequent low temperature during any year.) 

2011 (Tuesday)

The 0.06" of rain that fell during late AM showers was the first rain on this date in ten years.  This was also the third day in a row with a high of 68°, six degrees cooler than average.








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2015 - today was the eighty-fourth day in a row with a high of 75° or warmer, the fourth longest such streak on record, behind 1980 (86 days), 1966 (90 days) and 1977 (91 days).

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