Today in New York Weather History: September 23
Today in New York Weather History: Yom Kippur Weather Highlights (1970 - 2022)

Today in New York Weather History: September 24


1921 (Saturday)

This morning's (and Sept. 19th's) low of 56° was the coolest reading of the month.  (The coolest reading in September is typically in the upper 40s.)  August had a cooler reading than September (55°).  Not surprisingly, this was, at the time, the third warmest September on record (now ranked eighth).


1950 (Sunday)

It was a day with very chilly conditions, with a high/low of only 53°/43°.  Today's high, 20 degrees below average, was more typical of the second week of November.  Unseasonably chilly days like this in autumn are often caused by nor'easters, but this particular day was dry under a mix of sun and clouds.




1959 (Thursday)

With a high of 89°, this was the third day in a row of summertime heat.  Yesterday's high was 90°, and the day before that was 89°.  The average high this time of year is in the low 70s.  Today's high was a record (which would stand until 2017).


1974 (Tuesday)

This morning's low of 43° (14 degrees below average) was the earliest date for a temperature this chilly since 1963, when a low of 40° was posted on this date - the record for the date.


1979 (Monday)

For the third day in a row the high temperature reached 70°. 


2005 (Saturday)

Today's high was 71°, the first time this month the temperature failed to reach 80° or higher - a record streak for September.  Up until today, the month had been seven degrees warmer than average.




2006 (Sunday)

Today's morning low of 67° was the warmest low temperature of the month (it also occurred on Sept. 9 and 19).  This was the coolest "maximum" low temperature for any September since 1967 (when it was also 67°). 


2013 (Tuesday)

Under clear skies, the morning low fell to 47°, eleven degrees below average and the chilliest reading in September since 2000, when a low of 43° occurred on Sept 29.


2014 (Wednesday)

The high reached 71° for the third day in a row, close to the seasonal average.


2017 (Sunday)

Under clear skies the temperature reached 91°, the first reading in the 90s since 8/1, and the latest date for a 90-degree high since 1970, when there were highs in the 90s on 9/25 and 9/26 (however, in 2019 there would be a high of 93° on 10/2).  This was a record for the date, and the first time the temperature rose into the 90s on 9/24.  Today was also the twelfth day in a row with above average temperatures.


Latest 90-Degree Days






2023 (Sunday)

Tropical storm Ophelia brought steady rain and breezy conditions to the NYC for a second consecutive day as the system moved very slowly north/northeast (but still south of the metro area).  Yesterday's rainfall of 0.96" was followed today by an additional 1.25".  (Today was the fourth day this month with an inch or more of rain.)  Temperatures were stuck in the 60s all day (high/low of 66°/62°), making this the tenth consecutive day with below average temperatures.






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when was the last time NYC had 13 or more 90° days and none of them were hotter than 94°?


The last time was in 1972, when there were 14 90-degree+ days in total, none of which were hotter than 94 (three days hit 94). 1970 had 22 90-degree days, none of which were hotter than 94 (there were four such readings). And four earlier years had no days hotter than 94 among their first 13 90-degree days: 1944 (the first 24 of its 37 90+ readings), 1932, 1928 and 1896.


between 8/1 and today (a span of 53 days), no 90° days were reported. when was the last time more days passed between the second to last and last 90° day of the year?


The last time there was a longer hiatus between the penultimate and the last 90-degree+ reading was in 2004, when the next-to-last day in the 90s was June 9 and the last was on August 28, for a gap of 79 days. Those were also that year's only 90-degree days. For years with ten or more 90-degree+ days, 2017 comes in second behind 1938 which counted 57 days between the penultimate and last 90-degree reading.


2017 was the first time since 1986, and the fifteenth year overall, not to experience any 90° days from August second to September 23.


and among those fifteen years, 2017 was the only one to experience a 90° day after September 23.

Bernette Carway-Spruiell

what was the NYC weather report on September 24 1948?


The weather on that date was rain-free and cooler than average, with a high/low of 66°/55°.


Addendums to the above:

1921 was the only September to have no heating degree days (almost achieved in 2015 when there was 1 heating degree day on the 30th).

The 47-degrees on this date in 2013 was the last time a low in the 40s occurred in September until this year (2020).


September 1921 also has the highest "lowest temperature of the month" for September with the 56 on this date (this has been tied several times, most recently in 2019 and 2015)

(By the way, I made a mistake in my other comment, the one heating degree day in September, 2015 occurred on the 27th, not the 30th)


Regarding my comment about "heating degree days" what that means for those that do not know is that 1921 is the only September that had no days that averaged under 65 degrees. 2015 came close having only one such day.

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