Today in New York Weather History: September 25
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1940 (Thursday)

Clear skies and very chilly, with a high/low of 60°/42°, which made it feel more like early November.  The morning low, 15 degrees below average, was a record for the date (which still stands).  This chilly air followed a rainstorm that swept through yesterday morning, dumping 2.36" of rain (a record for the date that also still stands).  This accounted for almost all of September's 2.82" of rainfall. 


1970 (Saturday)

Between Sept. 22 and today, four of the days had afternoon highs in the 90s: 94°-93°-87°-90°-91° (today).  Furthermore, all five days had mean temperatures that were fifteen degrees or more warmer than average.  Yesterday and today's highs were records for the dates; today's was the latest reading in the 90s since 1941 (and it would be the latest until 2019 when there was a high of 93° on 10/2). 


1975 (Friday)

For the fourth day in a row, more than an inch of rain fell.  At the onset of today's deluge rain had fallen for 47 consecutive hours.  Total rain during these four days amounted to 7.43", as 1.82" fell today; 1.05" yesterday; 2.26" on 9/24 and 2.30" on 9/23. 


Weather.downpour on umbrella 


1993 (Sunday)

Beginning at 11 PM last night, and continuing through 10:00 this morning 1.66" of rain fell.  It came down heaviest this morning when an inch fell between 6:45-8:45 AM.

1995 (Tuesday)

This was the seventh year in a row that rain fell on this date.  The 0.42" that fell today occurred throughout the day.

2005 (Monday)

Evening showers amounted to 0.17", the "rainiest" day of what turned out to be the driest September since 1884.  By contrast, September 2004 had 11.51" of rain, the wettest since 1934.

2007 (Wednesday)

Today's high was a sultry 87°, fourteen degrees warmer than average.

2008 (Friday)

The morning was very soggy as heavy rain amounted to 2.34", most of which fell between 3-10 AM.  This was a record rainfall for the date.




2018 (Wednesday)

A new September record was set as the day's low of 69° was the seventeenth this month that was 67° or warmer, breaking a tie with 1971.  (A typical September has six days with lows this mild.)

2020 (Saturday)

This was the sixteenth day in a row with no measurable rain, one day more than June's dry streak, which had been the longest this year.  The last time there was a lengthier streak was during the fall of 2017 when there was one of eighteen days (Sept. 20-Oct. 7). 

16 days








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