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Today in New York Weather History: September 28


Since 1970, Sept. 28 is the average date of the last reading in the 80s (or warmer) of the year.  It's occurred as early as Sept. 2 (in 1902) and as late as Nov. 15 (in 1993).  This is one month after the average date of the last reading of 90°+ (Aug. 28).


1975 (Sunday)

The sixth NYC Marathon was held today and participants breathed a sigh of relief as the City dried out from a string of rainy days that produced 8.95" over the previous nine days.  This included an unprecedented four days in row in which more than an inch of rain fell.  Today, however, was sunny with near seasonable temperatures (high/low of 69°/57°). 

1977 (Wednesday)

This was the seventh day in a row in which some rain fell.  Today's amount was just 0.03", which fell between 3-4 AM.  (The first day of this streak also had 0.03".)  In total, three inches of rain fell during the seven days.  

1984 (Friday)

The month's temperature extremes occurred three days apart as this morning's low of 44° followed a high of 86° on 9/25.

2004 (Tuesday)

Three weeks after the remnants of Frances soaked the City, and ten days after Ivan, the remnants of a third tropical system, Hurricane Jeanne, moved through.  By the time its rain ended the following morning, 4.66" had fallen, the most from a storm since tropical storm Floyd dumped 5.44" in 1999.  The rain that fell today, 3.84", was a record for the date and brought the month's total to 11.41" making this the rainiest September since 1934.




2010 (Tuesday)

After a sultry morning low of 70° (fourteen degrees above average), the temperature rose only three more degrees the rest of the day.  This was the 55th, and last, day this year with a low of 70°+, which was 50% above average and the third greatest number of days on record (now tied for fifth place).


Chart - most lows of 70+

2011 (Wednesday)

For the past seven days the morning lows were between 68° and 70°, twelve degrees above average, and more typical of mid-August.  High temperatures during these days averaged 77°, five degrees above average.

2012 (Friday)

Torrential downpours through mid-afternoon amounted to 1.96", much of which fell in a two-hour period between 9:20-11:20 AM.  This was the second day this month with more than an inch of rain (1.54" fell on 9/18), and the first month with two such rain events of this magnitude since last October.  Additionally, this was the seventh year in a row, and tenth of the past eleven, in which rain fell on this date.



2014 (Sunday)

The last weekend of the month had spectacular weather.  Under clear skies on Saturday and sunny skies on Sunday, high temperatures rose into the low 80s, thirteen degrees above average.  (And Friday was equally fine, with clear skies and a high in the upper 70s.)

2018 (Friday)

The 0.77" of rain that fell this morning pushed September's total rainfall past six inches, making this the third month in a row with six inches or more.  This became just the ninth such streak on record (going back to 1869), all of which have occurred since 1971.  (An even more impressive monthly rainfall streak would be established on this date in 2021.)


Chart - 3 months 6 inches+ precip


2021 (Tuesday)

Early afternoon showers amounted to 0.27”, pushing September’s rainfall over ten inches (10.03”).  Not only was this the most rain to fall in September since 2004, it was the third month in a row with more than ten inches of rain  – the first time for such a streak (July had 11.09”, August had 10.32”).  However, this wasn’t Central Park’s rainiest three-month period, as the 31.44” that fell was three inches less than the 34.43” that fell in Aug-Sept-Oct 2011 (18.95”, 9.39” and 6.09”, respectively).









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2017 - there were a dozen days during the second half of the month with a high of 78° or warmer and today's high of 79° was the last of them. this tied 1968 and 1891 as the years with the most such days to occur in the second half of any September on record.

Benny R.

September 28th, 1984 joins September 30th, 1912 as the only two September days on record that were chillier than any day in October. The high of 53 was the coolest high temperature for any day in September in the 1970-2018 period.


2018's rain brought the year to date total to 47.83". this was the sixth rainiest first nine months of a year on record and all of these six years have occurred since 1975. however, there were as many as 119 days of measurable precipitation in the first nine months of 2018, the most ever in the first three-fourths of a year, easily topping 1950 and 2003 by six days.


1968, 2015 and 2021 are the only three years with a high of 70° or warmer on every one of the days from July fourth to September 28.


2021 was the wettest July-Aug-Sep combination ever (beating 2011’s 31.37” for the three months combined and 1975’s 24.14” for the three months combined).

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