Today in New York City Weather History: September 29
Warm September Mornings in New York

Looking Back at New York Weather: September 30


1871 (Saturday)

Today's high was 61°, making this the eighth day since 9/14 with a high in the 56°-62° range (the average high during this time of September is in the 70°-73° range).  These unseasonably cool days helped September 1871 become the coolest September on record (a distinction that still stands).

1884 (Tuesday)

The last three days of the month accounted for all of September's rain, and it was very little - 0.21", making this the driest September on record (a dubious honor that it still holds).

1913 (Tuesday)

Today was the 15th day this month with a high cooler than 70°, the most of any September in the years since 1890 (thru 2022).  Before 1890, five years that had this many, or more (Sept. 1871 and 1876 had 17 such days.)

1921 (Friday)

This September stands out for being the only one that was warmer than August.  In keeping with the warm conditions, today's high was 87°, then a severe thunderstorm between 5-6 PM dumped a little more than an inch of rain, along with winds that gusted to 40 mph. 

1948 (Thursday)

Until today, when 0.70" of rain fell, just 0.53" of rain had fallen during the month.  Today's amount was more than what fell in the previous six weeks. 

1959 (Wednesday)

The unseasonably warm temperatures of August (at the time, the fifth hottest on record) continued in September, which tied September 1931 as the second warmest (it's now tied for fifth).  The month's temperatures were divided into three ten-day periods.  The first ten days were eight degrees above average, the middle ten were six below average, and the last ten days were nine above average.  Today, with a high of 82°/70°, was twelve degrees above average; the low was what the average high typically is.


New yorker sept 1959  


1963 (Monday)

Today's high of 65° was the 14th cooler than 70° this month, the most in September since 1913 (which had 15).  However, this September had 13 days with highs of 65° or cooler, while Sept. 1913 had only three. 

1983 (Friday)

Rain from the remnants of tropical storm Dean moved through during the early morning.  2.64" fell between 4-9 AM, but the bulk of it poured down in the hour between 7:30-8:30, when 2.05" was measured.  Today's rainfall was comparable to the amount that fell between Sept. 1-29.

1986 (Tuesday)

Today's summer-like high of 89° was 20 degrees above average, and a record for the date.



1992 (Wednesday)

For the second year in a row, the chilliest reading of September occurred on the final day of the month, and in both years the reading was 44° (12 degrees below average).  However, this year's high, 58°, was five degrees chillier.

2001 (Sunday)

Today's high of 55° was 15 degrees chillier than average.  It was also the last time until September 2016 that a day in September had a high in the 50s.

2005 (Friday)

Today's high/low of 67°/50° made this the only day of the month that a had cooler than average mean temperature (four degrees below the norm).  Not only was this the second mildest September on record (now tied for third), but the fourth driest (0.48" was measured).




2010 (Thursday)

0.75" of rain fell in a 45-minute period just before daybreak (6-6:45 AM).  Overall, 1.10" fell during the morning.  This followed a rainstorm on 9/27-28 that dropped 1.66".  These two rain events accounted for 75% of September's rainfall.

2016 (Friday)

It was a gray day, with persistent drizzle and winds out of the northeast.  These conditions kept the temperature in the upper 50s all day.  The high of 59° (eleven degrees below average) was the first high in the 50s in September in fifteen years.


59 degrees








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2013 - low temperatures during the past four days: 57°-56°-57°-56° (today). speaking of which, today was the nineteenth day this month with a low chillier than 60°. the last time September had 19, or more, days with lows below 60° was in 1994 when there were also 19 such days.


Has there been a September with 20 or more days with lows cooler than 60?


yes. in many years. although this occurrence is rather infrequent. case in point, the last time this happened was in 1975 when there were 20 days.

Ken K. in NJ

Looking forward to your analysis of September 2017. It would be hard to quantify, but I'd guess it's highly unusual that the average temperature for first 10 days of September was something like 8 degrees cooler than the final 20 days.


1963 - today was the tenth day this month with a reading in the chilly 40s. the most number of days in September with a 40° reading of any year in the 1960-2017 period.

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