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why do devastating hurricane names that impact land on the Atlantic coast get retired? like Irene and Sandy. couldn't these same named storms get reused and hope they don't have the same effects as they did the previous time? I really don't see why names get retired just because they produced alot of costly damage and fatalities.


It's a sign of respect at the power of nature, similar to why sports teams retire uniform numbers of the greatest players. Furthermore, there are plenty of other names that can be assigned, especially now that male names are also used. And in the multicultural world we now live in we're not restricted to names like Ann, Carol, Mary, etc.


If a named hurricane or tropical storm with a greek alphabet letter caused so much destruction that the WMO felt the greek alphabet letter needed to be retired, what would they replace a greek alphabet letter with?


As is done for typhoon season in the Pacific, the NWS should create a number of A-Z lists of names for hurricane season.

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