Today in New York Weather History: October 12
Today in New York Weather History: October 14

Today in New York Weather History: October 13



A tropical storm moved northward through central Pennsylvania and dropped 1.50" of rain in Central Park. 


This was the third day in a row with very similar, and well above average, highs/lows: 77°/59° (two days ago); 77°/58° (yesterday); and 78°/57° (today).  Skies were clear on all three days.


The 0.11" of rain that fell during a late night thundershower was the first measurable rain to fall on this date in sixteen years. 


The morning low was 67°, sixteen degrees above average - and more typical of the average high for the date.  Mostly overcast skies and scattered showers in the afternoon prevented the temperature from rising very much, as it topped off at 74°. 


Nearly three inches of rain fell over the past six days.  These days were also unseasonably mild, 14 degrees warmer than normal.  And today's morning low was a summer-like 69°, eighteen degrees warmer than average.





Today's high hit 86°, twenty degrees above the average high for the middle of October.


Following yesterday's record 4.26" rainfall, a record was set for this date as well as rain fell for much of the day, amounting to 2.75".

Blue_umbrella 2012

The AM low of 38° was the earliest occurrence of a temperature this chilly since 2000, when the mercury dropped to 38° on 10/9.  This was also the 16th day in a row in which no low temperature was duplicated.


Today was the fourth day in a row with a low of 61° (and the seventh day with this low since 10/3).  It was also the sixth day this month with a high/low stuck in the 60s - the most on record for any month.  (On average,  October sees one of these days once every two years).  Persistent overcast skies were largely the reason for the temperature not rising much during the daylight hours. 










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1979 - low temperatures over the past six days exhibited the following pattern : 47°-47°-37°-37°-47°-47° (today). the highs during these days however, weren't nearly as consistent, as they ranged from 47° to 68°.


Just a request, but I would be interested in analyses for the frequency of days stuck each in the 40s, 50s, or 60s. Because these steady temps sometimes occur on cloudy days in the spring and fall. I was fascinated on your existing analyses on cloudy days in the winter stuck in the 30s and cloudy days in the summer stuck in the 70s.


what was the previous month before October 2021 to have the most ever days with both a high temp and low temp stuck in the sixties?


Before the six days in Oct. 2021, the most in one month was five in Sept. 1960 and in Aug. 1903.

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