Today in New York Weather History: October 26
Hurricanes & Tropical Storms That Have Lashed New York City Since 1970

Today in New York Weather History: October 27


1908 (Tuesday)

For the fourth day in a row lows were in the mid-to-upper 60s, about twenty degrees above average, and warmer than the typical high during this time of year (61°).  Two of the days had record-high lows which are still standing (69° on the 25th, 66° on the 27th).


1936 (Tuesday)

The morning low of 28° was the coldest temperature ever recorded in October in Central Park (a record that still stands).  And for ten consecutive hours the temperature was 32° or colder (from midnight thru 10 AM).  Under clear skies the afternoon high struggled to get to 43°, resulting in a daily mean temperature that was 16 degrees below average.




1963 (Sunday)

Today's high was a record 82° and followed three days that had highs in the upper 70s.  The average high during these four days was 18 degrees above average.  Today was the seventh day this month with a high in the 80s, and the sixteenth day with a high of 75° or warmer.


1977 (Thursday)

Today's high of 70° was the mildest reading this month (it also occurred on 10/1 and 10/22), making it the coolest maximum temperature in October of any of the years since 1900 (thru 2023).


1978 (Friday)

The 0.19" of rain that fell, mostly between 1-2 AM, was the first rain to fall on this date since 1959 (when 0.19" also fell).


1987 (Tuesday)

1.82" of rain fell tonight between 7 PM and 2 AM.  As the rain wound down, one last heavy band delivered 0.63" between 11 PM-midnight (it actually took place between midnight-1AM but the National Weather Service doesn't recognize Daylight Saving Time in its record keeping).  It was a record rainfall for the date, later broken in 2003 when 1.88" fell.




1991 (Sunday)

Although skies were mostly cloudy the high reached 75°, fifteen degrees above average.  This was the sixth day in a row with a high in the 70s.


1997 (Monday)

The 0.36" of rain that fell during the morning was the last rainfall this month and brought October's total to 2.10" - the same amount that was measured in September.  This was the fifth time for this type of phenomenon, joining May/June 1917; Nov/Dec 1945; Dec. 1980/Jan. 1981; and June/July 1985.  (And there have been nine instances of back-to-back months being 0.01" apart.)


2010 (Wednesday)

After a very mild low of 65° (nineteen degrees above average), the afternoon temperature hit a balmy 75°, making this the warmest day of the month.  Showers fell in the pre-dawn hours and in the middle of the afternoon, amounting to 0.19" - the fifth year in a row that rain fell on this date.


2019 (Sunday)

For the third time in the past four years more than an inch of rain fell on this date.  This year it amounted to 1.38"; in 2018 1.27" was measured, and in 2016 1.41" fell.  Most of today's rain fell between 10 AM and 1 PM.





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Seeing that October 1977’s maximum temperature of 70 was the coolest maximum temperature in the Octobers of the 20th century, were there any Octobers in the 19th century (which I know to be some of the coldest Octobers on record) in which the temperature failed to reach 70?
I have been curious because in this year April (the springtime equivalent of October) failed to reach 70 degrees for the first time in 80 years.


October 1888 is the only October whose warmest reading was cooler than 70° (66°). Two other Octobers in the 19th century (since 1869) had warmest readings of 70°.

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