Hurricanes & Tropical Storms That Have Lashed New York City Since 1970
Today in New York Weather History: October 29

Today in New York Weather History: October 28


1919 (Tuesday)

Today's high of 83° was a record, and 24 degrees warmer than average.  However, a strong cold front moved through later in the day, dropping the temperature to 48° shortly before midnight (which was the average low for the date).


1947 (Tuesday)

Today was the tenth day since 10/14 with a high of 77° or warmer.  (Highs during the second half of October are typically in the 60°-64° range.)  Not only was it unseasonably warm, but dry as well as just 0.01" of rain fell during this fifteen-day period.  (And just 0.11" fell between 9/27 and today.)  Not surprisingly, this would become the mildest October on record (later tied in 2007) - which, ironically, began with a record low.   


1963 (Monday)

Today's 0.10" rainfall (during the morning and afternoon) made this the rainiest day of the month, a month that would be the second driest on record (behind June 1949, which had 0.02").  Only one other day this month had rain, which was more than three weeks ago, when 0.04" fell on Oct. 3.  


1973 (Sunday)

Today was the 26th day in a row with no measurable precipitation, the longest dry spell since before 1960 - and it wouldn't be topped until June 1999.  Furthermore, from Sept. 15 thru today, a total 44 days, just 0.91" of rain fell.  Not only was this the longest streak with less than an inch of rainfall since a 45-day streak in Jan./Feb. 1968, it exceeded by two days a streak of 42 days that ended on Sept. 13 of this year.  


1976 (Thursday)

For the second morning in a row the low was 29°.  Today's low was a record.  This was also the end of a 12-day period in which temperatures averaged 10 degrees or more below average.  This streak was instrumental in making October 1976 the coldest since October 1925. 


1984 (Sunday)

On the day of the NYC Marathon, the City basked in a balmy 79°, the warmest reading of the month.  (In a case of flip-flop, the month's chilliest reading occurred at the beginning of the month.)  Later tonight heavy rain fell between 11 PM and 1AM, with 0.28" of rain fell during a five-minute downpour (11:45-11:50 PM) and 0.88" overall.




1986 (Tuesday)

It was a gloriously sunny and and mild day (high of 68°), perfect for the ticker tape parade in lower Manhattan celebrating the Mets World Series championship over the Red Sox.  The sunny skies were particularly welcome after being preceded by three damp and gloomy days.


Mets 1986 world series victory parade


1989 (Saturday)

Today's high of 77° tied 10/26 as the warmest temperature of the month.  This was also the sixth day in a row with highs in the 70s.


1995 (Saturday)

1.21" of rain fell in the morning, the fourth rainfall this month that exceeded one inch.  Each storm occurred about a week apart and produced a total of 7.13".  0.86" of today's rain poured down between 5-6 AM.


2006 (Saturday)

A nor'easter that moved in last night dumped 2.54" by the time it exited around 2:00 this afternoon.  Shortly before the last raindrops fell a final rain band dumped 0.33" in the five-minute period between 1:32-1:37 PM.




2008 (Tuesday)

Two inches of rain fell, with the greatest amount (0.87") falling between 10 AM-noon.  Besides the rain, it was also unseasonably chilly, with a high of only 47° and a low of 39°. 


2009 (Wednesday)

1.29" of rain fell thru mid-afternoon, making this the third year of the past four to receive more than an inch of rain on this date.


2012 (Sunday)

The entire Mid-Atlantic region was feverishly preparing for the worst as hurricane Sandy approached.  For the second time in 14 months New York City's entire transit system was shut down (the first time was for hurricane Irene).  To add insult to injury, today was the sixth day in a row with overcast skies.        




2015 (Wednesday)

Showers and downpours that fell throughout the day amounted to 1.40".  Today's rain accompanied a warm front that pushed temperatures into the upper 60s by nightfall (the day's high was 69°, shortly before midnight).  More than an inch of rain also fell in the three previous years that had rain on this date (in 2009, 2008 and 2006). 

2023 (Saturday)

Today's high reached 80°, which was the latest date for a high of 80+ since 1993 when the high on 11/15 was 80°.   (After today, the warmest reading for the rest of the year would be 67°.)






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2020 - this was the third day in a row in which the temperature stayed in the fifties all day. today was 57/52, yesterday was 59/52, and on 10/26, the high/low was 59/51. when was the last time Central Park had a streak of this kind that lasted this long?

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