Today in New York Weather History: October 29
Today in New York Weather History: Halloween (October 31)

Today in New York Weather History: October 30


1925 (Friday)

At the time, today's high of 38° was the earliest date for a maximum daily temperature in the 30s (later topped by Oct. 26, 1962).  And 0.8" of snow fell (an amount that wouldn't be topped until 1/9, when 2.3" fell).  The next day's low of 29° was also a record, and the third day in a row with a low colder than 32°.  And tomorrow would be the fourth day in a row with a low of 32° or colder (but it wasn't a record).


Sweather weather 1920s  


1989 (Monday)

For the sixth day in a row the area basked in temperatures in the 70s.  This stretch of days, which included four with highs of 76°+, averaged 15 degrees above average.



1992 (Friday)

The 0.01" of rain that fell between 11 PM and midnight was the first measurable rain to fall on this date since 1976.  (It should be noted that the National Weather Service uses Standard Local Time year-round for its records, but this rainfall actually fell between midnight and 1AM  on 10/31 based on Daylight Saving Time, which was still in effect on this date.)


1994 (Sunday)

Today's high of 75°, fifteen degrees above average, was the warmest reading of the month, and the mildest reading in five weeks.


2021 (Saturday)

After a coastal storm brought 0.41” of rain last night, an additional 0.53” fell this morning (most of it before sunrise).  Today’s rain (an additional 0.04" fell tonight) brought total rainfall since 10/25 to 4.67”, making this the rainiest last week of October on record.  This more than made up for the 0.15” of rain that was measured in the first half of the month (the driest first half of October since 2000).


Chart - rainiest last week of october







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2020 - With a low of 37, 2020 becomes the first year since 1978 in which both May and October of that year had a low in the 30s.


1942 and 2020 are the only two years on record with no reading of 32° or colder from March second to October thirtieth (or Halloween Eve as I like to call it).


1942 is actually more impressive than 2020 in that there was no low temperature of 32 or lower between March 1 and November 12

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