Today in New York Weather History: November 6
Today in New York Weather History: November 8

A Look Back at New York Weather History: November 7


1938 (Monday)

This was the third day in a row with very mild temperatures, with highs/lows of 74°/63°, 70°/64° and 78°/63°.  Today's high of 78° was a record (which still stands).

1963 (Thursday)

Beginning late on Nov. 5 and continuing through early afternoon today, a nor'easter dumped 4.30" of rain, with nearly three inches falling today (a record for the date, which still stands).  This deluge followed a near rain-free October (its 0.14" made it the second driest month on record).  Furthermore, the amount of rain from this storm was greater than what fell in any month in 1963, and it prevented this year from becoming the driest on record.

1977 (Monday)

One of New York's greatest rainstorms began in the morning and continued through the afternoon of Nov. 8.  The first wave of rain that moved through today, largely between 9 AM and 5 PM, amounted to 1.79".  However, the steady downpours that made this a historical storm would fall tomorrow.

1995 (Tuesday)

The 0.68" of rain that fell between noon and 10 PM was the first rain on this date in 15 years.

2012 (Wednesday)

Just nine days after the region was raked by hurricane Sandy's high winds and record storm surge, a nor'easter lashed the area.  It moved far enough off the coast to pull cold air into the region, changing the rain to snow by 2 PM.   4.7" fell (4.3" of it today), making this the earliest 4-inch snowfall on record (the previous record was in 1989 when 4.7" fell on Nov. 22-23).  This was just the fifth snowfall of one-inch or more to occur in November in the past 40 years - and the first since 1997.  It would also be the largest accumulation of the calendar year, topping the 4.3" that would fall on Jan. 21. 




2015 (Saturday)

The day's high temperature was reached shortly before 2 AM - 72°.  This made it the fifth day in a row with a high in the 70s - at the time, the longest streak of highs in the 70s of any November (later broken in 2020 by a six-day streak).  The temperature then fell slowly throughout the day, but it was still a relatively mild 53° at midnight.  During the first week of November the high/low averaged 70°/56° - 11 degrees milder than average and more typical of late September.

2021 (Sunday)

Today was the 50th running of the NYC Marathon, and conditions were close to optimal for runners as temperatures were in the mid-40s to lower-50s range, there was little wind to speak of, afternoon humidity was on the low side, and skies were fair (transitioning from clear in the morning to hazy during the afternoon).  High temperatures today and the previous three days: 53° (today)-52°-51°-50° (average high in the first week of November is in the upper-50s).


50th nyc marathon

2022 (Monday)

This was the fourth day in a row with a high in the 70s, and at 77° it was the warmest of them all.  The average high during this streak was 74.5°, which was 17 degrees above average.  Today also featured clear skies and humidity that dropped sharply in the afternoon, bottoming out at 15% at 6 PM; this was the second lowest reading in November in the years since 2000 (lowest was 13% on 11/16 in 2019).

The morning low of 68° would have been the mildest low on record in November but chillier air moved in after 8 PM, dropping the temperature to 54° by midnight (still 10 degrees above the average low for the date).





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2021 was the first time since 2012, and the fourteenth time overall (half of which have happened since 1950), where November had no 60° days in the first week of the month.

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