Today in New York Weather History: November 18
Today in New York Weather History: November 20

Today in New York Weather History: November 19


1921 (Saturday)

This was the second day in a row with a high in the low 70s, about twenty degrees warmer than average.  This followed an extended period earlier in the month (11/4-16) with highs in the 40s, which was ten degrees chillier than average. 


1928 (Monday)

This was the end of a five-day period that had an average high/low of 69°/54°, which was 16 degrees above average, and comparable to temperatures typical for the beginning of October.  The average low during these five days was two degrees milder than the average high for mid-November.  And two of the days, 11/16 and 11/18, had record highs in the lows 70s (records that still stand).


1932 (Saturday)

Today saw the fourth rainstorm of an inch or more since Nov. 1.  In addition to the 1.95" that fell today (a record for the date), 2.06" fell on 11/9-10, 1.83" on 11/6-7, and 1.21" on 11/1.  (At the time this would be the second wettest November on record; it's now ranked eighth.)


1986 (Wednesday)

The 0.41" of rain that fell between midnight and 4 AM was the first measurable precipitation on this date since 1973.  Temperatures fell slowly through the day, from 40° at midnight to 27° twenty-four hours later, resulting in a mean temperature twelve degrees below average.


1993 (Friday)

Lows of the past four days: 49°-48°-49°-48° (today).  All were well above the average of 41°.


1999 (Friday)

Today was the 17th day in a row without measurable rain.  This was five months after a rain-free streak of five weeks, one of the lengthiest in New York history (and the longest in the 1970-2022 period).  Not surprisingly, 1999 received four inches less precipitation than average.  However, despite the two extended dry spells there were four other years in the past twenty with less annual precipitation.




2003 (Wednesday)

A downpour dumped 0.80" of rain between 7:30-8:30 PM.  For the entire day (a rainy morning and evening, but a dry afternoon), 1.80" fell.


2011 (Saturday)

Today would be the last day for three weeks (until Dec. 10) with colder than average temperatures (high/low of 51°/38°).


2014 (Wednesday)

Although the morning low of 22° was four degrees shy of the record (in 1936), it was the coldest reading to occur before Nov. 20 since 1986 (when there was a low of 22° on Nov. 14).




2022 (Saturday)

This morning's low of 31° was the first reading of 32° or colder this season.  Despite an extraordinarily mild start to November (11 degrees above average through 11/12), this first low at freezing or colder occurred on schedule.  Today was the sixth day in a row with below average temperatures (averaging seven degrees colder than average).   





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