Today in New York Weather History: November 21
Today in New York Weather History: November 23

Today in New York Weather History: November 22



After today's high of 63° the next 60-degree reading wouldn't be for another four-and-a-half months (April 4).


The day of President Kennedy's assassination was a mild one, with a high/low of 64°/51° (13 degrees above average) under partly cloudy skies.




A year after the coldest Thanksgiving Day since 1938 (high/low of 35°/21°), this year's was the mildest in 40 years as the high/low was 64°/53°, fourteen degrees above average.  Skies were mostly sunny.


Today's high of 66° was the second mildest reading on Thanksgiving Day, behind 1933's high of 69°.  (For more Thanksgiving weather highlights, click here.)


Today's high of 32° was the earliest date for a freezing high temperature in the past 40 years (besting 1989 by one day).  It came in the midst of a six-day cold snap (Nov. 18-23) in which the average high/low of 37°/26° was 14 degrees colder than average. 




With today's rainfall, 2011 became New York's wettest year ever, passing 1972.  With thirty-nine days remaining in 2011, 67.88" of precipitation had fallen.  (Although 1983 had 80.56" of precipitation this was invalidated when it was revealed that Central Park's rain gauge had been broken for part of the year.)



Light showers in the morning measured 0.07", ending a streak of 60 days in which less than an inch of rain fell.  This was the third longest streak of its kind in New York since 1950, one day less than the second longest streak back in 1964.


With a low of 28°, today was the fifth day in a row with a sub-freezing low temperature, just the fifth time since 1940 that there's been a streak of this length (or more) in November.  The others occurred in 2008, 2000, 1989 and 1940.


A week after one of the biggest November snowfalls on record (6.4"), today, with a winter-like high/low of 28°/17° (twenty-three degrees below average), was the first Thanksgiving Day with a sub-freezing high since 1996, and the second coldest Thanksgiving on record - only 1871's was colder (high/low of 22°/15°).




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only two years have had a high temperature as cold as 2018's this early in the season. on this date in 1880, the high was 23°, and on November 21, 1879, the high was 24°.


Yeah, Novembers in the late 19th century were noticeably colder than they are now. You probably rememmber that last November had one of the earliest dates in a good number of years with a low of 25 or colder.

Ken K. in NJ

There's a chance the high tomorrow will also be 32 degrees or colder. Would that be the earliest on record for 2 consecutive days below freezing?


Yes, I remember, and what the Novembers of 2017 and 2018 had in common was despite both of them having two seventy degree days in the beginning of the month, both Novembers would end up being colder than normal.


Hi Ken,
There may be others years, but at least two Novembers had consecutive days with highs of 32 or colder. In November 1880, believe it or not, eight days in a row had highs that cold, from Nov. 21-28. And in 1933 11/15 and 11/16 had highs of 32 and 30, respectively.


Only three Thanksgiving holidays have had a high temperature that was colder than 2018's. The high in 1901 was 26°, the high in 1882 was 27°, and in 1871, the high was 22°. Like 2018, two of these years had no precipitation on the holiday. The outlier was 1882, when 1.1" of snow fell (after 9" fell the day before).


Is the 2013 entry a typo? How does 0.07" of rain end a streak for rain less than an inch? Did you mean the longest amount of days that totaled an inch of rainfall or less?

Also, regarding 2018 entry, when was the last time before that that a low in the teens happened in November? I imagine it's not too common at least in recent decades, since record low temps below 20 only show in late November.


Your second interpretation is what I was getting at about the rainfall . And previous to 2018 the last time a low in the teens occurred in November was in 1987.

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