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1882 (Wednesday)

A snowfall of nine inches followed, by four days, a 4.5" snowfall.  And with a high/low of 27°/23°, today was the fourth day in a row with a high of 32° or colder. 

1902 (Saturday)

Today's low of 34° was the coldest reading of the month, making this the first November whose coldest low wasn't 32° or colder.  (A typical November in 1870-1900 averaged eight such readings.)

1903 (Sunday)

For the fifth day in a row the high was 32° or colder (average high in late November is in the mid-40s).

1955 (Tuesday)

With a high of only 28°/16°, this was one of the the coldest days in November this century - twenty degrees below average.


1974 (Friday)

For the third day in a row the high was 43°, five degrees below average.

1976 (Monday)

0.32" of the month's 0.34" of precipitation fell this morning (the only other day with rain was 11/10).  This became the driest November on record (breaking the 1930 record of 0.60"), and the ninth driest month overall (now ranked tenth).  It was also the first time since November 1974 that a month had less than an inch of precipitation.

Additionally, temperatures fell throughout the day, dropping from 48° to 26°.  This was the beginning of a ten-week period (thru the first week of February) of unrelenting cold, in which temperatures averaged eight degrees below average.




1985 (Friday)

It was a gray day with just two degrees separating the high (38°) and low (36°).

1990 (Thursday)

A cold front produced showers mostly between 1-2 AM, amounting to 0.11".  This rain brought November's total precipitation to 2.82", the tenth time a month has received this amount of precipitation - the most times of any monthly amount.

Chart - 10 months with same precip total

1995 (Wednesday)

2.9" of snow fell this morning, the first snowfall of what would be a record-setting 75.6" during the upcoming winter.  Today's snow was the last in November of one inch or more until 2012.




2016 (Tuesday)

It was a mild (high of 60°) and rainy day.  The 2.20" that fell during the 12-hour period between 9 AM and 9 PM was a record for the date, and came just two weeks after a rainstorm of 1.81".  No day in the last ten days of any November has ever had this much rain.  Today's amount was the most in a 24-hour period since Dec. 9, 2014.  Finally, with today's two+ inches, this became the wettest November in ten years (when 7.34" fell in 2006).


Boots in puddle 














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2009 - today was the third and final day this month with a low temperature below 40°. through 2016, no other November has had so little days with lows below 40°. a typical November has 15 such days.

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