Looking Back at New York Weather: November 2
Today in New York Weather History: November 4

A Glance Back at New York's Weather: November 3



Today's high of 60° would be the last high of 60+ for more than four months (until a high of 67° on March 18).


With an unseasonably warm high/low of 75°/64°, today became the mildest presidential Election Day on record (a record that still stands).


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This was the fifteenth day in a row with below normal temperatures.  During these days temperatures were six degrees chillier than average.




Today was nine degrees colder than average (high/low of 49°/37°), the first day with below average temperatures since Oct. 7.  During these four weeks temperatures were seven degrees milder than average.


This was by far New York's rainiest presidential Election Day as 2.18" of rain fell during the morning.  (The previous Election Day record was in set in 1920 when 0.77" fell).  Including rain that fell yesterday, total rainfall from the storm system was 2.55".  This was more than double September's rainfall of 1.16" and the biggest rainstorm since June 5, when 2.80" fell.  




Today's high  of 79° was twenty-one degrees above average.  Besides being the warmest day of the month it was also the warmest day in six-and-a-half weeks, since a high of 80° on Sept. 20. 


The NYC Marathon was run in sunny and brisk conditions, with temperatures stuck in the upper 40s throughout the race (10 AM thru 4 PM).


With a high/low of 74°/51°, today was the 22nd day since Sept. 21 with a mean temperature 10+ degrees above average (half of the days in the period).  During this time temperatures were nearly eight degrees above average.








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November 1995 was the seventh November in a row to have a reading in the 70s. Has there been a longer streak with November readings in the 70s, or is this the longest?


I know you wrote this over 4 years ago William, but I just saw it now and looked into it.

Looks like it is the record but the longest previous streak was 5 from 1912 to 1916 (it was almost 6 in a row as the warmest temp in November 1911 was 69) and again from 1978 to 1982. We are currently in a streak of 6 straight Novembers with a highest temperature of 70 or greater so we will tie the record from 1989-1995 if a temperature of 70 or greater occurs at all this November.

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