Today in New York Weather History: November 29
New York Weather History: November (1869 - 2023)

Today in New York Weather History: November 30


1875 (Tuesday)

It was a bitterly cold day, with a high/low of just 14°/5° (31 degrees below average).  This was not only the earliest date for a reading in the single digits, but for a high in the teens.  It was also colder than any day of the winter to come (based on mean temperature).


1896 (Monday)

The City was shoveling out from a five-inch snowfall (that started the day before), three days after the high reached 72° (a record that still stands).


1898 (Wednesday)

Just three days after a snowstorm dumped ten inches of snow, a snowfall of six inches accumulated today.  (And three inches had fallen on 11/24.)  The nineteen inches of snow that fell in the past seven days is the most on record for November.


1929 (Saturday)

Today's frigid high/low of 23°/12° made this New York's coldest day in November in the 20th century (based on mean temperature); these temperatures would be well below average even in the dead of winter.




1933 (Thursday)

Today's high of 69° was not only Nov. 1933's mildest reading, it was the mildest reading of any Thanksgiving Day (a record that's still standing).  Ironically, this touch of springtime occurred during the 10th coldest November on record (now ranked 11th).


1941 (Sunday)

Today's high and that of the previous three days: 61°-60°-59°-58°.  (On average, highs at the end of November are typically in the upper 40s.) 


1962 (Friday)

Today was the only day in November with a high in the 60s (62°), making this the only November in the years since 1950 (through 2023) to have just one such day.    


1967 (Thursday)

Snow moved in during early afternoon and by midnight 3.2" had accumulated.  Before the snow began the temperature rose to 38° late in the morning then dropped to 32° once the flakes began flying, and into the upper 20s by late afternoon.  This was the biggest November snowfall since 1938.  (Although this would be the last time a snowfall of an inch or more occurred on this date, thru 2023, 11/30 remains the day most likely to see an inch or more of snow in November.)


1976 (Tuesday)

November ended on a very cold note as the high/low of 27°/17° was nineteen degrees colder than average.  The morning low was the coldest reported in November since 1955 (when a low of 16° was reported on the 29th).


1977 (Wednesday)

Off and on showers amounted to 0.38", bringing the month's total precipitation to 12.26".  This was 0.15" shy of the November record set five years earlier.  Still, it was enough to make it the fifth wettest month on record (it's since fallen to eleventh). 




1979 (Friday)

The mildest November on record (until 2001) ended on a cold note, with a high/low of 41°/29°, six degrees below average.  Skies were clear.


1991 (Saturday)

Today's very balmy high of 70° was twenty-one degrees above average, and a record for the date.  This came a year and a day after a record-tying high of 69°.


2005 (Wednesday)

1.28" of rain fell in a three-hour period between 11 PM last night and 2 AM today.


2006 (Thursday)

It was ironic that the last day of November was the mildest day of the month (oddly, tied with the first day of the month) as today's high/low of 69°/58° was more typical for early October - and 21 degrees above average.




2011 (Wednesday)

November was 4.2 degrees milder than average and was the eighth month in a row with above-average temperatures.  This followed nine consecutive months in 2010 with above average temps (March thru November).


2012 (Friday)

This November was the opposite of last year's as it was 3.8 degrees chillier than average, making it the coldest since 1996.  However, although nineteen mornings had lows in the 30s, only three were at freezing or colder (the coldest reading was 31°) - and they all occurred early in the month (11/6-8).




2015 (Monday)

The mildest November on record (passing Nov. 2001 by 0.1 degree) ended on a chilly note, three degrees below average (high/low of 47°/33°).  This would be the last day of the year with a colder than average mean temperature.  (November 2020 would top this November by 0.2 degrees.)






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2013 - with a low of 25° this was the ninth day this month with a low of 32° or colder. the last time November had this many days with lows this cold was in 1989 when there was also 9 days.


also on this date in 2005, today's high of 63° was the sixteenth day this month in which the temperature rose to or above 60°. only one other November on record has had more 60° days and this would be 1999 when there were (17) 60° days.


2018 - the final twenty-three days of the month all had highs that were colder than sixty degrees. since 1900, only three other Novembers have followed suit. 1997, 1904 and 1901. there have been six such November occurrences in the nineteenth century as well.


Why can’t I find the simple record high and low for NewYork City on Nov. 30th? Why is there everything else known to God about the weather except that. Sometimes,too much progress is no progress at all.


The record high for Nov. 30 is 70 (1991); record low is 5 (1875). Here's the link to the page for Nov. 30: https://w2.weather.gov/climate/getclimate.php?wfo=okx

Kenneth Musillo

The snow that fell in 1967 Nov started in the morn I remember I was in high school and was over before the school day was over here in NYC,did not start late in the day bet the ranch on it


Hi Ken,
Although it's hard to refute a personal observation, my recap of that date's conditions is based on the NWS's official observation at Central Park, which reports measurable snowfall beginning between 1-2 PM and continuing through midnight. Also, the temperature late in the morning was in the upper 30s, which wouldn't have supported snow. Perhaps you lived in an outlying suburb in NJ? (I was living in Pittsburgh at the time, and on that day I recall the snow beginning just as we got to school, and ending late in the afternoon, which seems to match your timeline, but 370 miles west of NYC.)


Today (2021) was the third straight day a trace of snow was recorded in Central Park.

When was the last time in November that 3 days in a row of snowfall of any kind (trace or measurable) was recorded in Central Park. I'm fairly sure its not unprecedented but probably not common either.

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