Today in New York Weather History: November 8
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Today in New York Weather History: November 9



The 3.65" of rain that fell today was November's greatest daily rainfall until 1972, when 5.60" poured down on 11/8 (an amount that would be topped in 1977).


Rain changed to snow and then back to rain as midnight approached.  During the time when the snow fell, 2.3" accumulated, making this the earliest snowfall of two inches or more (until 1953, when 2.2" fell on 11/6).  Because of the rain that fell afterwards, the snow didn't stay on the ground for long; in addition, the temperature got no colder than 35°.  (The following day would see 1.31" of rain.)


When the power went out in New York City at around 5:30 PM ,skies were clear, a full moon was shining and the temperature was in the mid-40s.




After a very chilly day yesterday (high/low of 42°/32°), today was even colder, with a high/low of 38°/28°, sixteen degrees below average.


Six of the past seven days had highs in the 70s, including three record highs that were set today (75°), yesterday (76°) and on 11/4 (78°).  The average high during this week was 73°, sixteen degrees above average, and more typical of mid-to-late September.


In contrast to last year's warm conditions, today was bitingly cold, with a high/low of 41°/24°, seventeen degrees below average.  The day's low was a record for the date.  This would be the coldest day of the month until 11/30, when the high/low was only 27°/17°. 


The high today was 55°, one day after a high of 56° and two days after the high was 57°.


Today was the 23rd day in a row with no rain, the longest dry spell since the winter of 1979-80 when a rainless streak of twenty-four days occurred.     




Today was the sixth day of the past seven to have a high in the 70s (similar to 1975).  Four of the days, including today, had a high of 70°.  During this week high temperatures were fourteen degrees above average.








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1945 - today's low temperature of 62° (the high reached 72° for the second day in a row) was warmer than any low temperature experienced during all of last month. this was, and still is, the only year in which November had a low in the sixties while October did not.


2019 - today's low of 27° tied 1976 (when the low was 24°) as the second earliest date on record for a reading this cold, trailing only 1879, when the low was 25° on November fourth.

Ken K. in NJ

I remember the 1971 cold November 9. It was my Sister's Birthday (still is of course) and for a Birthday Gift I took her and a friend of hers hiking up at Bear Mountain. It was in the high teens there, which we had not planned for. If I recall, the 28 degree reading in NYC was a record low for the date at the time.


very similar to 1975 and 1976 ... 2019 and 2020 had polar opposite weather conditions on this date as well. on November the ninth, the high/low usually averages about 56/44.

2019 - the high/low was 41/27, which was 16 degrees below normal and more reminiscent of mid to late December.

2020 - the high/low was 75/54, which was 15 degrees above normal and more reminiscent of mid September.


2020 - for the second day in a row the high reached 75°. When was the last time NYC had back to back 75°+ days in November?


You might think it would have happened more frequently in recent years due to global warming, but the last time there were back-to-back 75+ highs was nearly 40 years ago. On Nov. 1 and 2, 1982 the highs were 77 and 79 degrees, respectively. It happened in three other years as well: 1975, 1961 and 1950.

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