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1914 (Tuesday)

Today was the eighth day this month with measurable snow, but each day had less than an inch of accumulation (a total of 2.6" fell).

1955 (Thursday)

The 0.3" of snow that fell this evening was the last precipitation of the month, a month in which  only 0.25" was measured - the smallest amount ever reported in December (a record that still stands), and the third driest month of all time (now ranked fifth).  Additionally, 1955 became just the second year to have three months with less than an inch of precipitation (January and July were the other two months); the other year was 1881. 

1982 (Wednesday)

Today's high was 65°, the seventh day this month with a high in the 60s.  It was also the eleventh day with a mean temperature 15 degrees or more above average.  Additionally, although just 0.02" of rain fell, this was the first measurable precipitation on this date in fifteen years.

1984 (Saturday)

Just two days after nearly five inches of snow blanketed Central Park the temperature soared to a record 70° - 31 degrees above average.  (I took advantage of this unseasonably mild weather by jogging outside wearing shorts.)




1987 (Tuesday)

2.6" of snow fell, the month's only snowfall.  (This came seven weeks after the season's first snowfall of 1.1" on Nov. 11.)  And with a high of 31°, this was the first day of the winter with a maximum temperature of 32° or colder (about two weeks later than average). 

1993 (Wednesday)

Four inches of snow fell between 6 PM and 2 AM.  It was the biggest accumulation of the month, besting the 2.9" that fell on Dec. 11.

1994 (Thursday)

For those who get a kick out of numerical patterns, today's and the previous two days' highs were 33° (today), 44°, and 55°.

1998 (Tuesday)

Only 1.12" of precipitation was measured this month, and most of it fell today as 0.71" of rain was measured.  The entire second half of 1998 was very dry.  After 36 inches of precipitation fell in the year's first half, only 12.15" fell after July 1.  




2009 (Tuesday)

Today, with a high/low of 31°/16°, was 10 degrees colder than average.  This was the year's 50th day with a variation in mean temperature of +/-10 degrees, the fewest such days since 1969, which had 48 (a typical year has 69).    

2012 (Saturday)

With a high/low of 34°/30° today's mean temperature was two degrees below average, the first colder than average day since Dec. 6.  This was also the last day of the year in which precipitation fell.  The 0.26" that fell brought the year's total to 38.51", eleven inches below the norm.  This was the first time since 2001 that less than 40 inches was measured in Central Park.    






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