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This was the third day the City was impacted by a large, meandering, extra-tropical system that brought rain squalls and gusty winds over the course of five days, between Dec. 1-5.  2.76” of rain fell during this period, with today being the wettest.  1.63” was measured in Central Park, but none of the rain was torrential; the greatest two-hour totals were 0.41” from midnight-2 AM, and 0.36” between 8-10 PM.  After this system dissipated, only 0.54” of precipitation fell for the remainder of the month.


The morning low of 9° was the earliest date for a single-digit temperature in this century (earliest on record was in 1875 on 11/30).




For the third day in a row the high temperature was 47°.  And all three days had lows in the low 40s.


In a five-minute period 0.24" of rain fell during the afternoon (2:28-2:33 PM).




2.73" of rain fell over the course of two days, beginning at 2 PM yesterday and continuing thru daybreak today (1.62" fell yesterday, 1.11" today).  Also, today's high of 59° was the mildest reading of the month.  


Although the mildest temperature in December is often in the 60s, this year it was just 55°, and it occurred today.  


Today's high of 69°, twenty-three degrees above average, was a record for the date.


Today was the first day this winter with a high of freezing or colder, one day earlier than last year.  And today's high/low of 31°/21° was very similar to last year's first freezing-or-colder day (32°/20°). 




Today's high/low of 66°/49° was seventeen degrees above average.




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2019 - three tenths of an inch of snow fell today, the first time measurable snow fell on this date since 1957, when 0.5" fell (but the temperature remained above freezing the entire day). for both 1957 and this year, the high temperature on this date was 36°.

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