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Today in New York Weather History: December 5



7.9" of snow fell on a very cold day, which had a high/low of only 24°/11°.  This would be the biggest snowfall of the winter, and was the snowiest 12/5 until 2003, when 8.0" fell.  The snow fell heaviest between 1-7 PM.


Brr cold


1.15" of rain fell today, much of it pouring down between 8-10 PM.  This was the first of six rainstorms of an inch or more this month.  It was also a mild day, with a high of 61°, after a low of 56° (which was nearly ten degrees milder than the average high for the date).   


The first snowfall of the winter began in the evening, but after 0.7" had accumulated the snow changed over to rain.  (The temperature got no lower than 33° all day.)  This storm brought heavy amounts of snow to New England the next day (and 0.96" of rain to NYC).




The first snow of the season fell between 10 PM and 3 AM on the 6th, amounting to 0.7" (most of it fell today).  This would be the only measurable snow of the month, and the amount wouldn't be topped for more than seven weeks (when 1.3" fell on Jan. 26).  Today was also quite cold, with a high/low of 33°/24°, ten degrees below average. 


2.08" of rain fell over the past two days.  Today's 1.28" was a record for the date (albeit a relatively unimpressive amount for a record). 


Today's high was an unseasonably mild 70°, a record for the date, and twenty-three degrees above average.


One year after a day of record warmth, six inches of snow fell, the biggest snowfall so early in the season since 1957 (when eight inches fell on 12/3-4).  




Snow fell during the afternoon and lasted into early evening, accumulating eight inches.  This came one year after six inches fell on the same date (and the fifth time in the past twenty years that winter's first snow fell on Dec. 5.)  This was part of a two-stage storm that would bring six more inches of snow the following day.






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Ken K. in NJ

I remember those 2002/2003 storms well. Caused all sorts of consternation for the local leaf-pickup crews and governments. Normally the final leaf-pickup around here (western Union County NJ) is the 2nd week of December. So of course in 2002, there were piles of leaves on all the streets everywhere, now covered with snow, which the leaf-pickup trucks were unable to cope with. The leaf/snow piles sat there until the snow melted. After the 2002 debacle the consensus was that it won't happen again, so let's not change the pickup schedule. Ha!


And then we had the freak snowstorms in 2011 and 2012 on Oct. 29 and Nov. 7, respectively, that came before a lot of the leaves were even off the trees - and then road crews had to pick up piles of broken branches with the leaves still on them!

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