Today in New York Weather History: December 7
Today in New York Weather History: December 9

Today in New York Weather History: December 8



After reaching a record 65° shortly after 10 AM, the temperature dropped like a rock, and by midnight the mercury had fallen to 26°.


The first measurable snowfall of the winter produced two inches of accumulation.  The next measurable snowfall wouldn't be until 1/13, and the next snowfall of an inch or more wouldn't be until 2/20.


Today, and three of the previous four days, all had a high of 55°, ten degrees above average.  And the one day without this high, 12/6, had a high of 57°.


On the night John Lennon was shot outside his apartment building in Manhattan's Upper West Side, temperatures were very mild.  The day's high of 64° occurred after dark.  This reading, eighteen degrees above average, was the mildest of the month. 




Over the past nine days, the high/low temperatures averaged 60°/50°, sixteen degrees milder than average.


The first snowfall of the season fell late this morning, but it was just a dusting of 0.1".  The day was cold and raw, with a high/low of 31°/28°.


During a month that would be very mild (6.3 degrees above average), today was an anomaly as it was 15 degrees colder than the average, with a high of 29°/low of 18°.  These teeth-chattering temperatures came just one week after a record high of 70°.  This was also the earliest date for a low below 20° since the brutally cold December of 1989. 


It was a gray and raw day with a high/low of 33°/29°.  The first measurable snow fell late in the afternoon, amounting to 0.7".  Although areas in central and south Jersey, southeastern PA, DE, MD and northern Virginia saw significant accumulations (generally 3-6"), the moisture hit a wall of cold/dry air as it approached the New York City metro. 


Today's low of 24° was the coldest reading in December - but two degrees "warmer" than November's coldest reading (on 11/19).  Since 1970 only two other Decembers had a milder reading than November for its coldest temperature.




Although today's high/low of 49°/41° was five degrees above average, it was the chilliest day of the first half of December.









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1982 and 1998 are the only two Decembers with lows of 40° or warmer during the first eight days of the month.

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