Today in New York Weather History: January 15
Today in New York Weather History: January 16

A History of Rainy Days in New York City



Since record keeping began in Central Park in 1869, New York has averaged 120 days of measurable precipitation each year, which means, on average, rain/snow falls once every three days (since 2000 the number of days has averaged 126).  This number has ranged from 94 days in 1908 and 1941 to 158 days in 2018.  The number of days by month has ranged from just one day in Oct. 1924, Nov. 1939 and Sept. 1941, to twenty days in May 1888.


  • Although 1983, 2011 and 1972 had more precipitation than 2018 (the year with most days of measurable precipitation), they all had significantly fewer days of precipitation (115, 124 and 145 days, respectively). 
  • By calendar date, measurable precipitation has fallen most often on July 29 (66 out of 151 years) while a little more than a month later is the date least likely to see precipitation, Sept. 5 (in 28 years).  And looking at snowfall, Feb. 5 and 12 are the dates that have received an inch or more of snow most often (in 19 winters).
  • The most consecutive days of precipitation occurred in the summer of 2003, when rain fell on 12 days in a row between July 29 - Aug. 9 (5.57" was measured).  The longest dry spell was three times longer, 36 days, during the autumn of 1924 (Oct. 9-Nov. 13).

 Chart - most and least days of precipitation


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April 2019 and May 2019 have the distinction of being the only instance of consecutive calendar months with each of them having 18 (or more) days of measurable precipitation. however, they didn't produce a lot of rain, with only a combined amount of ~10 inches of rain. by comparison, the rainiest two month period on record is 28.34" in August-September 2011, while Aug. had 14 rainy days and Sep. had 12 rainy days.

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