Today in New York Weather History: January 22
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Looking Back at New York Weather History: January 23



This was the eighth day in a row with a high of 50° or warmer.  At a time in the winter when highs are typically in the upper 30s, the average high during this streak was 56°. 


One day after a winter storm produced 5.1" of snow, a much bigger snowstorm today dumped thirteen inches.  Snow began late this morning, and between 1-7 PM it fell at a rate of an inch or more per hour.  Flakes fell until the wee hours of the next day.  Temperatures fell slowly, dropping from 26° to 18° (and they'd continue to fall slowly throughout the following day).  This was the first snowstorm of a foot or more in nine years. 





The temperature plummeted from 41° at 10:00 last night to -3° by 7:00 this morning.  This was the fourth winter in a row to have a sub-zero reading, the longest such streak on record.


After rising to 60° during the morning, the mildest reading of the month, a slap of Arctic air slashed the temperature by forty degrees by midnight - one of Central Park's biggest temperature drops in the course of a day.  


Today's high of 46° was the mildest reading in what was a very cold January (6.2 degrees below average).


This morning's low was one below zero, the first sub-zero reading in New York in eight years.  This was the second time a sub-zero reading occurred on this date, the first being 40 years earlier, when the low was -3°.


2.55" of rain fell, with much of it (two inches) falling between 4-9 PM.  This was a record rainfall for the date.





Today's high of 47° was the mildest reading of a January that was quite cold (4.1 degrees colder than average).


The high/low of 20°/11° made this the coldest day of the year, seventeen degrees below average.


This was the 22nd day in a row in which no high temperature was duplicated.  During these days highs ranged between 17° and 58°.


A blizzard of epic dimensions dumped 27.5" of snow, stopping the hustle and bustle of the City on a Saturday.  Starting late last night, blinding snow and strong winds (peak gust at Central Park was 43 mph) lasted for 24 hours.  The storm's accumulation made it the City's biggest snowfall of all time, passing the old record of 26.9" set ten years earlier (Feb. 11-12, 2006).  The amount of snow that fell was more than double the amount predicted as the storm's snow shield moved further north than expected (snowfall amounts of 20" to 30" extended from Washington northeastward to the New York metro area).  Snow fell at a rate of one to two inches per hour for 14 consecutive hours (4 AM-6 PM).  As a result, the City issued a traffic ban on all streets in the five boroughs; all Broadway shows cancelled their performances.  (The original snowfall total was reported as 26.8" but was revised upward three months later.)  


Snowblower on West 4th Street, NYC
Photo was taken on West 4th St. in Greenwich Village (my apartment building is in the background).  Although the street had been plowed earlier in the day, it became blocked by drifting snow, which the custodian was trying to clear.



A nor'easter brought winds that gusted between 35-45 mph throughout the day, but steady, wind-lashed rain didn't move in until late in the afternoon.  By midnight 1.16" had fallen (and an additional 1.18" would fall tomorrow, ending around 9 PM).  It was a cold rain, with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30s; the high winds produced wind chills in the 20s.    











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2016 - this snowstorm was a rarity in that it actually lived up to its hype, especially when compared to the ones from January 2015, March 2014 and March 2017. Like you said, snowfall totals, if anything, actually ended up to be MORE than what had originally been predicted. Only a snow lover would appreciate this statement but, if only every snowstorm could behave this way!

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