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Ken K. in NJ

Hi Rob. I haven't commented in a while, but this day had a ton of interesting data. The 1937, 1970, 1986, 1977 and 1994 comments were especially interesting. I actually remember the 1970 stretch. I was in my first post-college job and had a fellow worker who was a weather buff as well, but of course we had no idea it was the coldest 32 or colder low streak since 1916!

Question about the 1994 drop in temperature: Was that the biggest temperature rise from one day to the next? I do remember that month, it was quiet a ride.

Thanks as always for the blog, and Happy New year!


Hi Ken,
The 55-degree drop between Jan. 27-28, 1994 is the second biggest drop from one day to the next. The greatest drop is 56 degrees, between March 28-29, 1921, when the temperature plummeted from 82 to 26. What's even more impressive is that this drop occurred in the span of just 15 hours (2PM-5AM), while the drop in 1994 was over the course of 33 hours. Additionally, in just one hour on March 28, 1921 the temperature fell by 29 degrees (81 to 52 from 4-5PM). There have also been a number of big drops in less than 18 hours: April 25, 1918 (38 degrees in 7.5 hours); April 1, 1917 (39 degrees in nine hours); Jan 28-29, 1934 (53 degrees in 18 hours); and on Jan. 22-23, 1936 (44 degrees in nine hours).

Ken K. in NJ

Wow! Totally interesting data. Thanks for the reply, and for doing the extra "homework". Really appreciate it. --Ken

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