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John Taylor

2011 had a VERY pleasant Friday, February 18th, in which I came home for President's Day Weekend from college. Temperatures were well into the 60s under sunny skies - I recall, coming up 10th Avenue from the Lincoln Tunnel, that at the gas station on 45th Street and 10th, which is now defunct, the temperature read a shocking 74 degrees. I believe that reading was incorrect, since that temperature was often grossly too high, but it's just a memoir I have of a beautiful spring-like day when I least expected one.

Harry Mandel

The note about February 18, 1979 being the coldest February low since 1943 (and until 2016) is incorrect as it was -2 on February 2, 1961 (which was the first subzero in Central Park at all since 1943.....it was the longest such streak of not having a subzero in NYC until the one from 1994 to 2016) and -2 again on February 8, 1963.


Yes, you are correct - thanks for pointing it out. And there was also a below-zero reading on Feb. 8, 1963.


1948 - for the first time in exactly eight weeks (since the day before Christmas Eve), Central Park reported no snow cover on the ground. this was the longest such streak on record, besting the previous record from the winter of 1920 by one day. the winters of 2011, 2014 and 2015 would experience such a streak of 53, 48 and fifty days respectively.


Why is Central Park's official monthly recap for February 2019 missing data in terms of how much (if any) snow fell on 2/18? Is there any possible way to find out how much snow really fell? There was 0.09" of precipitation and the high/low was 42/26.


I don't recall there being an 'M' during February so I suppose the NWS is re-evaluating. LGA and JFK also have an 'M' so it's not only a CPK issue. From what I've written in my journal on 2/18, the precip fell in the pre-dawn hours and the temperature was above freezing (temperatures fell below freezing that night). When I woke up there was no snow on the ground, and when the precip was falling I could hear what I assumed was raindrops on my A/C unit.

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