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Ken K. in NJ

It seems very unusual to break a record low by 5 degrees. Do you have any data on when was the last time that happened?


Ken, that's an excellent question, but one I'm unable to answer since it's not a statistic I track. However, like you, I suspect it's rare to break a record by such a large margin. One stat I do know is that this was just the second record low set in NYC in the past 15 year.

Ken K. in NJ

Thanks for the reply. Are you sure about there being just 2 record lows set in the past 15 years? That seems impossible. I know record lows have become rare, but it seems to me there's been one every few years or so. I don't have any stats like you do, just going from memory, so I'll take your word for it, but maybe you can double-check.


I came across that fact yesterday on NY1-Weather's Twitter feed, but spurred on by your healthy skepticism I rolled up my sleeves and did some investigating. I found four dates since 2000 in which record lows were tied, one each in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. However, yesterday's would be the only new record. This doesn't overly surprise me since the years before 1930 were notably colder than they are now so a lot of record lows were established back then.

Ken K. in NJ

Thanks for the research. I guess I was thinking back to those "tied" records. I think I also have trouble getting my head around the fact that "15 years ago" only goes back to 2000!



in 1898, 3.07" of rain fell, a record amount of rainfall for this date, which still stands (the high/low was 39/36). no other February day has ever had three inches or more of precipitation.


1.3" of snow fell on this date in 2019. this brought the total amount of snow since December first to 3.6", making this the seventh least snowy meteorological winter on record, and the least snowy since the winter of 2002 when 3.5" fell (all of which fell on two January days).


correct me if I'm wrong, but during the winter of 2019, November (6.4") had more snow than December, January and February combined (3.6"), a first for any winter season. the closest this came to happening was in the winter of 1990, when November had 4.7" and Dec, Jan and Feb combined had five inches.


I have a question since you mentioned NY1 Weather's twitter account. why did they stop tweeting? for some reason, nowadays, they just retweet tweets from other people. as of posting this comment, the last time they sent out a tweet of their own was on August 11, 2020. I miss seeing their tweets about weather stats in New York and I hope they tweet again soon.

By the way, regarding the entry for 2017, it’s funny that you said “this would have made for a nice Easter weekend”, cause Easter would be even warmer, in fact, the second warmest ever, at 87°, only 1976 had a warmer Easter, at 96°.

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