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Going back to 1869, Feb. 5 and Feb. 12 are the dates that have been most likely to have had a snowfall of one inch or more.  Through February 2023, it's happened in nineteen years, or once every eight years.  The last time it happened on Feb. 5 was in 2016 (when 2.5" of  snow fell).  The biggest snow to fall on this date was in 1920, when 5.9" accumulated .


1871 (Sunday)

For the second day this winter the high was a frigid 11°.  The other occurrence was on 1/23.  Lows on these days were 2° and 0°, respectively. 


1920 (Thursday)

The fierce snow and sleet storm that began yesterday continued unabated today.  Winds gusted to 44 mph in the pre-dawn hours, and gusts of 25-35 mph lashed the area for the rest of the day.  Combined with temperatures in the mid-20s throughout the day, the wind chill was down in the single digits.  Much of the day's precipitation came in the form of sleet.  Like yesterday, close to half a foot of snow/ice accumulated while 1.31" of liquid precipitation was measured.  And the storm would continue through tomorrow.  


1975 (Wednesday)

2.7" of snow fell during the morning.  The temperature held steady at 33° from 10 AM today until 7 AM tomorrow.  


1977 (Saturday)

This was the third year in a row to have a snowfall of two to three inches on this date.  2.8" fell this year, all of it before daybreak (two inches fell last year).  The day's temperature held steady between 31° and 32° until mid-afternoon, when Arctic air moved in; by midnight the temperature had dropped to 13°.


1985 (Tuesday)

The biggest snowfall of the winter began this evening and continued through next morning, accumulating 5.7".  3.3" of the snow fell tonight.  (This came three days after a 4.3" snowfall.)  After this snowfall, just 0.2" fell for the rest of the winter.


1989 (Sunday)

Today's high of 26° came just four days after a record high of 67°.


1991 (Tuesday)

Today's high of 70° was  31 degrees above average, and the third day in a row with a record high (all which are still standing).  Yesterday's high was 68° and the day before that it was 64°.  This was the City's earliest 70-degree temperature since Jan. 26, 1950.  (Later passed in 2007 when the high reached 72° on Jan. 6.)




1996 (Monday)

The morning low of was the coldest reading of the winter.  (Last winter the coldest temperature occurred on Feb. 6.)


1998 (Thursday)

A cold rain that began yesterday evening continued thru this evening, amounting to 1.36" (1.07" of the amount fell today).  Just two degrees separated today's high (36°) and low (34°).


2001 (Monday)

3.5" of sloppy, wet snow fell, with a high/low of 36°/32°.


2002 (Tuesday)

The morning low of 19° was the coldest reading of the winter, later tied on 3/5.  This was relatively mild for the coldest temperature; on average, a winter's coldest reading is 9°.


2007 (Monday)

Today's high/low of 18°/8° made this the coldest day of the winter - and of the past three years.


2009 (Thursday)

Today's high/low of 23°/12° made this the coldest day of the month.  


2014 (Wednesday)

The fifth winter storm of the season punished the area with four inches of snow and a quarter-inch of sleet and freezing rain.  The precipitation fell heaviest between 1-6 AM and snarled the morning commute.  This storm brought the winter's snowfall to 40.3" - the seventh time in the past twelve winters that more than 40 inches of snow was measured in Central Park.


2016 (Friday)

Rain in the overnight hours changed to snow in the wee hours of the morning and accumulated 2.5" by the time it ended shortly before 11 AM.  This would be the biggest snowfall of the month.


2022 (Saturday)

The temperature at daybreak was 21°, which was a drop of 36 degrees from yesterday's maximum reading that occurred in the morning.  The last time the City experienced a drop this great in such a short period of time (25 hours) was in April 2018, when the mercury fell from 77° during the afternoon of 4/14, to 38° at daybreak on 4/15. 





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The 19 degree reading in the 2002 entry was actually the warmest ever "lowest temperature of the winter season" at Central Park. In fact, looked at as a calendar year, 2002 had the highest "lowest temperature of the year" with it being 19 on the two dates mentioned, besting the previous record of 17 set for the calendar year 1949.

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