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1919 (Friday)

Today saw the winter's first snowfall of an inch or more as 1.3" accumulated in the early afternoon.  This was the latest date for the first snowfall of one inch or more until the winter of 1998, when it occurred on March 22.  Until today, a total of 1.1" had fallen all winter from four snowfalls.  When today's snow was falling temperatures were only in the mid-20s.



1956 (Wednesday)

It was a windy, raw and wet day.  The 1.02" of rain that fell, mostly between 4 AM-1 PM, was a record for the date (which stood until 2017) - besting the old record from 1913 by 0.01". 

1975 (Friday)

The winter's last measurable snow fell this afternoon.  0.3" was measured, with much of the precipitation falling as sleet.  Just 13.1" fell all season, half of the amount of a typical winter (much of it fell during the snowstorm of 2/12, which brought 7.8".)

1990 (Wednesday)

One day after Central Park recorded its earliest 80-degree reading on record (the high reached 85°), the warm front that delivered this extraordinary warmth retreated southward.  Winds shifted to the northeast and by afternoon, under a bank of clouds and fog, temperatures tumbled into the mid-40s, forty degrees colder than yesterday.  The same warm front would then move north of the City tomorrow and temperatures would once again rebound into record territory (77° on the 15th, 82° on the 16th). 




1997 (Friday)

Early in the morning, precipitation began as snow, sleet and freezing rain for a few hours before changing over to steady rain after 10 AM.  The rain continued for the rest of the day and, in total, one inch of precipitation was measured (0.02" shy of the record).  The snow that fell amounted to just 0.2", the last measurable snowfall of the winter.  Total snowfall for the winter was just 10.0", quite a contrast from the previous winter's record-setting 75.6".  This was the least amount of snow since the winter of 1988-89 when just 8.1" was measured.




2017 (Tuesday)

A much-touted blizzard was a bust as snow that began in the wee hours of the morning changed over to sleet, greatly reducing the 12"-18" that had been predicted.  (This brought to mind the blizzard that fizzled in late January 2015 and resulted in an apology from the National Weather Service.)  Although there was no blockbuster accumulation for the City, the 7.6" that fell was a record amount for the date, as did the day's daily precipitation record (1.97" was measured, nearly twice as much as the previous record).










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