Today in New York Weather History: March 15
Today in New York City Weather History: St. Patrick's Day (March 17)

Today in New York Weather History: March 16



The day after a five-inch snowfall, today saw an onslaught of freezing rain.  0.89" of liquid precipitation fell in temperatures that were mostly at freezing or colder (the day's high/low was 33°/22°).


Today's frigid high/low of 20°/13° made this the second coldest day of the winter.  Only 12/16 was colder (21°/11°).


This was the tenth day in a row with low temperatures in the teens or twenties.  During this stretch of days lows averaged 21°, thirteen degrees below average.  Despite this extended chill only 0.2" of snow fell, and that occurred today between 11 PM and midnight.


The high temperature soared to 77° (twenty-nine degrees above average), the day after the high was just 43°.  It would be six weeks before a high warmer than today's occurred. 


Beginning today, which had a high of 76°, the rest of March would be extraordinarily mild, with highs averaging 70°, eighteen degrees warmer than average.  Seven days would have highs in the 70s, with all of them at 74° or warmer (including three in the 80s).  Not surprisingly, these very mild conditions resulted in the mildest March on record (the first half of the month was four degrees above average).   


Today's high of 50° was the mildest reading since Dec. 28.


The last measurable snow of the winter, 0.2", fell between 9-11 PM.  This followed an all-day rain which amounted to 0.81".  The season's snowfall was 17.3", nine inches below average.


Rain changed to snow during the afternoon, accumulating 1.8".  This brought the winter's snowfall above 50 inches, the most since the winter of 1966-67.  It was also the last measurable snowfall of the season.



The morning low of 20° (fifteen degrees below average) was the coldest reading since Feb. 19, when it was 17°.


Today's high of 82°, thirty-two degrees warmer than average, was the third record high in the past four days.


This was the winter's last morning with a low temperature of 32° or colder, the earliest date for the last freeze since 1962 (when it occurred on 3/9).  This early date would be tied six years later.  (Average date for the last freezing temperature tends to be around March 31.)  


Today's weather was a drastic change from yesterday's upper 50s as temperatures fell below freezing by late morning, then a late winter storm dumped 3.5" of snow on the City during the afternoon (up to seven inches fell in the suburbs).  The snow was blown around by winds gusting to 40 mph, which created extensive traffic problems.





An all-day onslaught of sleet and snow dumped 5.5" of icy precipitation, the biggest snow of the winter.  This storm resembled last month's severe sleet storm on Valentine's Day, but this one had considerably more snow.  The total amount of liquid precipitation was 2.07", a record for the date.  This was the last snowfall of the winter, a winter in which just 12.4" was measured, quite a contrast from the previous four winters, all of which had at least forty inches.





Today was 10 degrees colder than average and was the twentieth day of the past twenty-seven that were either 10 degrees+ colder or 10 degrees+ milder than average (eleven of the days were 15 degrees+ colder/milder).  Since eight days were below average and twelve above average they somewhat cancelled each other out, so the entire period was a somewhat deceptive 2.5 degrees above average.






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