Today in New York Weather History: March 24
March Madness: 80-Degree Weather in New York During March

Today in New York Weather History: March 25



A milder than average March was interrupted by one day of mid-winter temperatures as the high/low was only 30°/13° (twenty-one degrees below average); the previous day with a high of freezing or colder was five weeks ago.  The low was a record for the date (which still stands).  


This was the thirteenth day in a row with a high colder than 40° (at a time when the average high is around 50°).  The average high/low during this period was 36°/24°.  Three days had highs of 32° or colder, eight days had lows of 25° or colder.  There were also two significant snowfalls, of 6.5" and 5.0", four days apart (on 3/15 and 3/19).


On the day of New York's deadly fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in Greenwich Village (147 mostly female laborers died), skies were clear and temperatures cold, with a high/low of 40°/20°.





This was the third day in a row with very cold temperatures.  Today's high/low of 33°/17° followed 31°/17° yesterday (Easter Sunday), and 28°/18° the day before that.  These temperatures were 21 degrees below average.  Winds that gusted between 20-27 mph throughout the three days produced wind chills in the low teens.


Today's high/low of 34°/18° was eighteen degrees below average.  Wind chills were in the single digits and teens.


Today's high of 56° was the mildest reading this month - the coolest temperature in March to have this distinction since March 1906's mildest reading was 55°.  Typically, the warmest reading in March is close to 70° (one in four have had a warmest reading of 75°+).  


Rain moved in late, with 0.20" falling between 10 PM and midnight - the first measurable precipitation on this date in 15 years.  This rain was from a nor'easter that produced a hard rain overnight (1.35" fell after midnight) that was over by daybreak on 3/26.   


Today's low of 20°, 17 degrees below average, was the coldest reading in March and came three weeks after the month's mildest reading (70°).  It was also the coldest temperature since mid-February.


Today was the 15th consecutive day with a low of 32° or colder, the longest such streak during March in the 1950-2022 period.









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this is the only day in March never to have an inch or more of snow. the snowiest March 25 on record is 0.5" which was set in 1899.


1963 - today's high was 79° (33° warmer than the day's low), a record for the date, which still stands. this broke the previous record by two degrees set half a century earlier. this was, at the time, the third earliest date for a temperature this warm. it has since fallen to fifth after 1990 (3/13) and 2016 (3/10) would later pass it.


Atlantic City International Airport in NJ (not too far south of NYC) hit 81° on this date in 2017, while Central Park was nineteen degrees colder on the same day. the lows were closer together (42° in NYC & 45° in AC).

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