March Madness: 80-Degree Weather in New York During March
Today in New York Weather History: March 27

Today in New York Weather History: March 26



The temperature jumped from 37° to 76° in the span of ten hours.  Skies were clear.


It was a cold and miserable Easter Sunday as rain fell between 9 AM and 3 PM (0.62" was measured) and afternoon temperatures were only in the mid-30s.


Rainy easter



Low temperatures over the past four days were ten degrees below average and exhibited the following pattern: 25°-27°-25°-27° (today).


Today's high of 75° (twenty-two degrees above average) was 57 degrees warmer than the low on 3/21 (nineteen degrees below average), which was 52 degrees colder than the high on 3/19.


Up down up blue- arrow



After a three-day cold snap between the 20th-22nd, in which temperatures were 13 degrees colder than average (high/low of 39°/21°), the past three days were 14 degrees milder than average (68°/48°).


The 0.3" of snow that fell today was the last measurable snow of the season.  This winter's snowfall of 35 inches was the most in five winters (12 inches of it fell on 12/30).  Today's high/low of 37°/27° was fourteen degrees colder than average.  This was the ninth winter in which 3/26 was the date of the last measurable snow - the most of any date (none were more than an inch).


A light shower during mid-afternoon measured 0.02" and was the last precipitation of the month, which ended up being the driest March on record.  Its total of 0.80" was 0.10" less than the previous record from 1885.


A rainy afternoon (0.40" fell) limited the day's range in temperature to just three degrees (high/low of 45°/42°).     


After missing the season's first 60-degree reading a few weeks ago by one degree, it finally happened today, shortly after sundown.  This was the latest date for the year's first 60 since 1982, when it happened on March 30.  The temperature was in the 60s from 7-10 PM, but then a cold front moved through, so there would be no repeat performance tomorrow. 





Two days after the humidity dropped to an Arizona-like 13% during the afternoon, it dropped nearly as low today, bottoming out at 14% around 4 PM.  This was the fourth day in a row to report humidity levels under 20% at some point during the day.  During the course of a March day the humidity averages in the mid-50s, but today and on 3/24 it averaged 21%.


Today’s high was 82°, a record for the date, and the first reading in the 80s in March since 1998.  After winds shifted from the southeast to the southwest between noon and 2:00, the temperature jumped 20 degrees.  This early taste of summer was a surprise since the predicted high was low 70s.  This became the eighth year to have its first reading of 80+ in March, and the fourth earliest date (after March 13, 1990; March 20, 1945, and March 21, 1921).  Interestingly, this early first 80 followed last summer’s early last 80, which happened on 9/10.


82 degrees





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Someone said that it 80 in NYC? Is that true


Indeed it did, which was quite a surprise. It's the first time for a reading in the 80s in March since 1998.

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